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Ready to learn the secrets of the world's most successful ecommerce professionals? The Unofficial Shopify Podcast will teach you how to grow your traffic, conversions, and make more money with your Shopify store. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce marketing strategy.

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    Four Ecommerce Trends for 2017 Marketing Strategy With Phil Kyprianou

    Where should you be investing your resources in 2017?

    To answer that question, we're joined by serial entrepreneur, coach & speaker, Phil Kyprianou. For the past decade, Phil has been dedicating himself to internet marketing. With a Facebook group of nearly 25K Shopify storeowners, Phil is always to give back to the community.

    Having built multiple successful Shopify stores, and worked with Fortune 500 companies and agencies, Phil knows what works based on hard-won experience.

    In today's episode, Phil walks us through what he believes are four pillars for a successful ecommerce business in 2017.

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    The Remarketing Matrix: 10x Your Remarketing Campaigns With This Procedure

    I love remarketing, and I love standard operating procedures.

    Our guest today is a remarketing wizard, and he walks us through a professional methodology for growing your remarketing campaigns in a systematic way.

    Tom Bukevicius is a Principal at SCUBE Marketing, an E-Commerce marketing agency delivering results through PPC & CRO. Tom’s motto is “Magic bullets are for losers. Execution is key”.

    If you have a business that's already selling and maybe even using remarketing, then you know what a tremendous ROI it represents. Tom's advice could 10x your business through remarketing.

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    Step-by-Step Pre-Crowdfunding Campaigns: What to Do Before You Raise Money

    Joining us today is Reid Covington, an energetic entrepreneur with a history of both realizing and accelerating growth for ecommerce businesses. By night, Reid is the founder of where he successfully raised ~$200k on Kickstarting and another ~$200k on Shopify in their first 3 months in business. By day, Reid is the Director of eCommerce at where he has helped to 10x their eCommerce channel from $300k/year to almost $3million/year over the last 12 months.

    You'll find out exactly what Reid does to ensure their success on Kickstarter, and he even reveals his never-been-shared-publicly-before Kickstarter growth-hacking secrets. He even shares the real numbers behind their winning campaigns.

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    Michael Steele: Sell Like a Human

    On this show, I interview two kinds of people. ecommerce entrepreneurs who walk the walk, and ecommerce professionals talk the talk. On rare occasion, you find a unicorn of an entrepreneur who does both. A few weeks ago we had Chad from Skubana who fit the bill. And this week I've found another unicorn! Micheal Steele, a self-made man, who runs a shop with his wife, and then takes the applied learnings from that store and uses them to inform his consultancy, Sell Like a Human.

    As director of marketing for two ecommerce business, Michael specializes in using marketing automation to sell like a human. What's that mean? We'll find out!

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    Embracing Controversy: How This Bikini Startup Went Viral

    Of all the store owners I hear from with thoughts on finding & engaging customers on social media, Candice Galek, CEO and Founder of Bikini Luxe is by far one of the most impressive. In under two years, she took her Shopify store from her living room in Miami Beach to a warehouse and a team of more than 40 employees worldwide all while amassing a social media following of more than 250,000. In today's episode, Candace pulls back the curtain on her humble beginnings, tremendous growth, and her contrarian approach to social media.

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    Podcasting for Business: The Tremendous Growth Engine

    Podcasting could be a tremendous growth engine for your business, and it's more accessible than ever. You don't need expensive equipment and an audio engineer to make a podcast that people will love. Ben Kreuger joins us to walk through why and how to start podcasting.

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    From 0 to $20 million dollars: Chad Rubin's Story

    Chad Rubin builds e-commerce businesses. Fresh out of college and Wall Street, he took his family vacuum business online and built his own direct to consumer e-commerce business called Crucial Vacuum. He grew it from 0 a $20 million dollar valuation in just 7 years.

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    We Built a Shopify App for Fun & Profit

    One of the best things about Shopify is its extensibility and the ecosystem that goes along with it. Recently we released our first (and currently only) Shopify app, and wanted to share that experience with you. It turns out it’s surprisingly easy to custom apps for a store’s private use, and almost as easy to monetize those apps in the Shopify app store. Jeremy Green, who developed Crowdfunder App with us, joins us to discuss the experience.

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    Sell More with Email Autoresponders

    Klaviyo's Chad Vanags joins us to explain just how easy it's become to use data-driven personalization in your email marketing to make more money on autopilot. He breaks down what email flows consistently make the most money, and what the best practices to use when implementing those workflows.

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    Expanding your Ecommerce Business on Amazon with Kiri Masters

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? That's what a lot of Shopify store owners are saying about the 800lb gorilla of ecommerce: Amazon. Fortunately, selling on Amazon and having your own store is not mutually exclusive. Kiri Masters, an absolute master of Amazon sales, talks us through it.

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