The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

“How is an entrepreneur like me supposed to scale my Shopify store?” That's what The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims to answer. Discover new opportunities to grow your store from the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant and Shopify Plus Partner, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce growth strategy and tactics.

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    How to Prevent Fraud & Chargebacks

    Get a glimpse into the silent crime wave that cost the US economy $16 billion last year: credit card fraud.

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    What's New in Klaviyo

    Learn what features are new in Klaviyo before the holidays. Plus, discover the interesting views on marketing that Klaviyo's company culture has produced.

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    Cowbucker: Starting a Hat Revolution

    Hear Cowbucker's merchant success journey as they sell "probably mankind's greatest invention:" a hat that's part trucker lid and part cowboy brim.

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