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“How is an entrepreneur like me supposed to scale my Shopify store?” That's what The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims to answer. Discover new opportunities to grow your store from the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant and Shopify Plus Expert, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce growth strategy and tactics.

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    Sourcing: How to find the right factory for your product idea

    In this episode you’re going to learn how to find a factory to manufacture your brilliant million dollar idea, how to avoid getting ripped off, and what mistakes to avoid when vetting a factory. Our guest today has brought dozens of products to market, run three ecommerce companies (sold one), and been a part of projects on Kickstarter raising over seven figures. Nathan Resnick joins us from his new company, Sourcify, a platform that makes manufacturing easy. Having helped hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world, Nathan is going to discuss with us how to find, vet, and build a relationship with a factory so that you can turn your idea into a real product.

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    Automating the Ultimate Customer Service Experience

    In this episode you’re going to learn the ins & outs of tackling customer support as you scale your business. So how do you get customer support off of your plate while providing an amazing experience for your customers? The answer might be automation. I first met today's guest while speaking at the Day With Shopify tour, and immediately knew that he'd made something special. Romain Lapeyre joins us today to discuss customer support automation. After all, he cofounded a customer support automation platform, raised $1.5 million, and niched down on Shopify in the process. Their product, Gorgias, helps Shopify merchants manage all their support requests in one place, and automatically respond to common questions.

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    How to grow a 700,000+ email list with AppSumo's Noah Kagan

    Today’s guest started 2 multi-million dollar businesses, grew a 700,000+ email list, and even knows where to find the best tacos in the world.

    Yes, we’re talking to Noah Kagan who was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and is currently Chief Sumo at, which offers free tools to grow your website traffic.

    Mixergy’s Andrew Warner said, “Noah showed me how to grow my email list and figure out my site’s revenue model. Don’t let his casual, taco-talking style fool you. The guy gets serious business results.”

    Listen now.

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    Validating & Scaling Your Shopify Store using Amazon FBA

    The hardest part of building a brand is often attracting an audience.

    After all, if no one has heard of you, how will you sell to them?

    That’s why it’s been no surprise to me that over the last two years, I’ve helped quite a few successful Amazon sellers expand onto Shopify.

    Starting in a marketplace like Amazon customers find you more easily, and rapidly validate your product-market fit.

    Once validated, you can then leverage Amazon to grow your Shopify store.

    But it’s not all roses and sunshine. There are some issues too.

    Today’s guest is a successful Amazon seller, Shopify merchant, and former Amazon FBA consultant. Noah Deligio will tell us, form his personal experience, how best to leverage both Amazon and Shopify for your business.

    Listen now.

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    How KeySmart Made $1.3 Million on a Product Launch

    When starting out with your store, most folks struggle to get their first sale.

    Then, if you do find your product-market fit, and get traction in your niche, you set your sites on growing to your first million dollars in revenue. And if you can get there, you’d feel pretty great.

    Now what if I told you our guest today got to a million dollars in revenue in a few months on a single new product launch with pre-orders.

    Pretty wild, right?

    On today’s episode, we’ll pull back the curtain on this monumental success.

    Andy Bedell is the head of marketing for KeySmart, one of Shopifys largest e-commerce stores. He is an experienced advertiser and email marketer with over $20 million in revenue under his belt.

    In addition to KeySmart, Andy has consulted advertising agencies, other eCommerce stores, and several Kickstarter campaigns.

    Before entering the eCommerce world he ran advertising for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education department.

    Listen now.

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    New Year, New Ads: Facebook Ads Best Practices for 2018

    You already know Facebook is the #1 acquisition channel for your online business. We’re seeing clients with 4-6x returns on ad spend using Facebook ads.

    But Facebook is a rapidly evolving platform. It seems like new features are being added every day. So what should we ad types and features should you be looking to use to grow your Shopify store as we start 2018?

    Joining us to discuss is Facebook ads guru Mojca Zove.

    Mojca is a Facebook Ads expert, author, and international speaker. Her work focuses on helping multimillion-dollar businesses generate more leads and increase profits with a carefully developed Facebook Advertising Strategy, so they can devote their time to other aspects of their business.

    She’s also the author of the Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started and the creator of The Facebook Ads Academy.

    Listen now.

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    Increasing Average Order Value on Autopilot

    When looking to increase store revenue, most people look to improve their traffic or their conversion rate. There’s another option boost revenue without changing how many visitors you get or how well your site converts. It’s your average order value.

    The easiest way to increase your average order value is with upsells or cross-sells. Using an app like Bold Apps Product Upsell makes this an easy feature to add, but you still need to think of offers that make sense, implement, test, and revise them.

    Until now. Using machine learning, Bold has a relatively new app that adds automatic offer creation to Upsell using your data from your store. It’s called Bold Brain, and it’s completely free.

    Joining us to discuss it, and tell us what we can expect in the future, is Jay Myers from Bold.

    Jay is one of the four co-founders of Bold Commerce, and an eCommerce fanatic– He’s been selling online since 1998, and in 2012 started building Shopify apps to help improve his own stores. His apps have always been focused on making stores more money, and they now help over 70,000 merchants do so every single day.

    Listen now.

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    The Future of Dropshipping: Automating Licensed Apparel

    On Shopify, fashion & apparel is the largest vertical. It’s always one of the most difficult. One threat fashion retailers face is purchasing too much inventory.

    The solution that many merchants choose to avoid inventory issues is dropshipping. It’s inexpensive, accessible, and easy… depending on the products you want to send. If you’re looking for licensed products like pop culture apparel, it can be challenging to find authentic goods to sell.

    That’s where Hingeto’s MXED comes in. MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. It’s a game changer.

    Leandrew Robinson, co-founder of Hingeto, joins us to talk inventory risk, the future of drop shipping, and Marshawn Lynch.

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    Growing Your List & Revenue With Pop-ups

    Learn the best practices and benchmarks for pop-ups with the founder of popular pop-up app Privy, Ben Jabbawy. Privy supports over 200,000 marketers in 180 countries. Their data-driven approach to lead capture and on-site personalization has helped brands like UNIQLO, The Beatles, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and now you.

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    Using Emotion to Optimize Conversions With Talia Wolf

    As founder and chief optimizer at GetUplift, Talia Wolf uses emotion, customer-centric research and persuasive design to generate more revenues, leads and sales for businesses.

    Recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization, Talia is a conversion optimization specialist, trainer and keynote speaker.

    Today she’ll teach us her emotional targeting methodology and why it works so well in increasing conversions.

    Listen now.

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