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“How is an entrepreneur like me supposed to scale my Shopify store?” That's what The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims to answer. Discover new opportunities to grow your store from the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant and Shopify Plus Expert, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce growth strategy and tactics.

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    Make Shipping Sexy: Creating a better shopping experience

    If you want your customers to return, you’ll need to put extra effort into your shipping.

    On today’s episode, Shopify Guru Rob Brown joins us to first establish the best practices for shipping rules in Shopify, and then gives us easy, accessible tips that any merchant can use to improve their shipping experience.

    You’ll learn exactly how to create an all-encompassing experience for customers throughout the buyer journey.

    And the best part is that many of our ideas are cheaper than a Facebook ad.

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    Working With Apps: How to Find (or Build) the Right Apps for Your Store

    One of the more common questions I get is, "Hey Kurt, what apps do you recommend?"

    Like any experienced Shopify Expert, I normally give a cryptic non-answer like "I recommend installing nothing until you have a specific pain or problem than can be solved by a single app. Audit your apps regularly to make sure you still need them."

    This is not the answer you or anyone is looking to hear.

    It's not my fault, it's because I have PTSD from logging into client stores and discovering 40+ apps installed resulting in a 20MB page size and more javascript errors than I can diagnose. That's not hyperbole either, it's happened repeatedly.

    So how can we navigate the app store effectively? What apps are recommended?

    Joining us to discuss it is Aaron Wadler from ShopPad.

    Aaron Wadler is co-founder and CEO of ShopPad, an Oakland, CA company built around serving Shopify merchants through App Store applications and custom services. Since its founding in 2012, ShopPad has become a Shopify Plus partner and their applications are now used by over 70,000 brands and retailers across the globe.

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    Chat Bots: Recover Abandoned Carts with Facebook Messenger

    In 2016, chatbots were said to be the next big thing in ecommerce. Now it’s nearly 2018, and we’re starting to see real results from chat bots, specifically remarketing via Facebook Messenger.

    In one client’s stores, we saw this approach recover 1 out of 3 abandoned sessions.

    This gets us excited. On today’s episode, we’re joined but a Shopify merchant turned service provider who knows the space better than most.

    Arjun Ohri is the CEO of ShopMessage, the first e-commerce marketing automation platform for Facebook Messenger.

    Previously, Arjun built and scaled multiple businesses on the Facebook platform, including social games at Zynga, and a Shopify store with over 1M customers.

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    Hire Better: How to Build a Dependable Tech Team

    As your store grows, you will inevitably have to hire freelancers, consultants, or employees for your tech team. It can be an intimidating process that leaves you struggling to keep projects on track.

    You don’t have to learn how to be a great manager the hard way. Our guest today wants to help you level up faster. Marcus Blankenship gets paid to coach overwhelmed technical managers. He's managed a variety of teams and is going to talk us through how to hire better.

    Today’s episode will leave you feeling dramatically more confident and capable in hiring for your Shopify team, and you’ll see better performance from your team.

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    $1 million in Year 1: Selling Tutorials on Shopify with RGG EDU

    One of the most successful Shopify businesses I've run across doesn't sell any physical goods at all.

    They sell digital goods and did $1 million in revenue in their first year.

    Joining us to share his journey is Gary Martin, the co-founder of RGG EDU, a documentary based production company that specializes in the most comprehensive photography & Photoshop tutorials in the world.

    After turning down a lucrative job opportunity on Apple's Cupertino software development team, Gary decided to launch his own career in photography and never work for anyone again.

    Within a few years, he again made the dramatic decision to ditch client services and instead go on a journey to create the world's best and highest quality educational content.

    Three years after launching their store on Shopify, they are recognized as one of the premier educational resources for photography. We are in 150 countries worldwide, have the best photography podcast on the internet, and get to travel the world and learn from the best photographers in the world.

    Listen now...

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    Make Your Own Luck: How Doug Geiger Built a Durable Business

    In 2012, Doug Geiger stole his wife’s crockpot, bought $400 worth of lanolin while already in debt, and powered through his own self-doubt and anxiety to start his beard care company.

    Today, Doug’s products can be found in over 150 stores nationwide.

    Doug is not only the founder of Can You Handlebar he is the driving force behind the company and its myriad endeavors.

    Having found success with Can You Handlebar, Doug does what he can when he can to encourage that success in others.

    In this episode, he walks us through both his journey and his mindset for success. If you’re looking for the secret sauce to building a durable business that supports the life you want, you’ll want to hear what Doug believes is a realistic & sustainable approach to achieve that dream.

    Listen now.

    Then join The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook Group and comment with your biggest “Ah-ha” moment or take away from this episode, and you could win $150 in Can You Handlebar products!

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    Overwhelmed: How to be More Productive & Less Stressed

    Do you feel overwhelmed?

    In discussions and surveys from Shopify store owners and listeners of this show, we’ve learned one thing: you feel overwhelmed.

    That’s the number one answer to the question, “What’s the number one problem you’re facing with your Shopify store right now?”

    In today’s episode, I sat down with an author who was instrumental in the success of my business. You’ve heard me recommend Sean D’Souza’s book, The Brain Audit, has been frequently on this show, and it was my honor to learn Sean’s approach to productivity.

    Speaking with him, it became clear that he’s as disciplined as he is relaxed. His mindset to overcoming overwhelm is both inventive and actionable.

    Sean takes three months of vacation every year and yet is one of the most productive people I’ve met.

    Whether you’re feeling stressed or just plain stuck, Sean’s advice could change the way you’re building your business and even living life.

    Listen now.

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    Erilan: Discretion & Sensitivity in eCommerce

    A few weeks back, a listener suggested that we record an episode about marketing for sensitive niches.

    That sounded like an interesting challenge, so I tweeted about it.

    I had assumed that sensitive referred to age-restricted industries like tobacco, cannabis, adult goods, etc.

    Instead, we got a far more interesting response from a long-time listener.

    He wrote to us:

    "My mum got breast cancer 10 years ago and had to have a double mastectomy. She lives in rural Australia where access to all the necessary prosthetics and clothing was near impossible. When she got better she asked me about starting a business and I ended up doing all the digital stuff. It was one of my first forays into e-commerce and we've since moved to it to Shopify where it leads its industry in Australia. One of the huge obstacles is the discretion involved. "

    In today’s episode, we walk through the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned.

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    Growth Multipliers: Steal These Email Campaigns

    If you listen to this show, you probably doing some email marketing for your Shopify store.

    One problem: so does everyone else.

    It's tough to stand out, and it's certainly tough to innovate with new campaign ideas that achieve meaningful results.

    In today's episode, we'll do some outside the box thinking to build growth into your ecommerce email campaigns.

    Joining us to discuss it is Shanelle Mullin from Shopify.

    She’s a content creator who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster. She's a jill-of-all-trades marketer with a 10-year background in content marketing and optimization.

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    Your Black Friday Email Marketing Plan

    Black Friday will be here before we know it, and maybe you’re stressed about it.

    If you don’t have a plan in place for your Black Friday email campaign, you’re right to be stressed.

    You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

    Getting started with email marketing can be overwhelming, especially for Black Friday.

    On today’s episode, we will discuss a solid actionable plan for a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign.

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