The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Ready to learn the secrets of the world's most successful ecommerce professionals? The Unofficial Shopify Podcast will teach you how to grow your traffic, conversions, and make more money with your Shopify store. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce marketing strategy.

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    Virtual Conferences & Growth Hacking with Zachary McClung

    What if you could throw a conference with one thousand people all interested in what you have to offer? And what if it only cost $3 per attendee?

    That's what Zachary McClung did with a virtual conference. (Having spoken at a few myself, I know firsthand just how powerful they can be.) With a relatively unknown brand, he was able to launch a virtual conference that earned him new customers, new connections, media coverage, and more. All with his brand at centerstage.

    And he's going to do us exactly how to do it.

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    Backyard Offices & Co-Working Spaces with Lee Tengum

    Technology has enabled us to easily work from anywhere, but should we? Lee Tengum, successful Canadian serial entrepreneur, joins us to discuss the simple question of where and how you much should you work.

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    Well-Endowed Men & Pitching Bloggers with Leo Tropeano

    Leo Tropeano was an accountant with a problem: He wanted better fitting jeans without having to sacrifice comfort.

    Most men would have accepted existing jeans on the market. Leo instead had his ideal jeans designed & manufactured. Not only did his friends notice, they wanted a pair too.

    In today’s episode, Leo tells us his advice for going from Kickstarter to Shopify, and exactly how he found and pitched big blogs on promoting his jeans.

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    How to Dramatically Increase Email Click-through Rates With Data you Already Have

    Joining me today is Taylor Sicard. Taylor runs the growth and partnerships at, but I first met him years ago when was an early member of the Shopify Partners team building out their partner program, and spends his spare time running his Shopify stores.

    In doing that, he has so much institutional knowledge, that when I talked to him last week, I learned so much I knew we had to record a podcast. We discuss deliver the right email at the right time, showing your customers the right content, and utilizing the data collected to impact how you run your store.

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    The Future of eCommerce: How Shopify is Enabling Commerce Everywhere

    Levin Mejia, Shopify Designer Advocate, discusses the future of ecommerce and how Shopify is pushing the envelope forward. At Unite, we announced several new products and features designed to help us and our partner ecosystem build immersive multi-channel commerce solutions for the over 243,000 merchants using Shopify. While we were excited to share the news with you all, we’re even more excited to see what you’ll create.

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    How Andy Bedell Tripled Revenue With Facebook Video Ads

    Andy has been running PPC ads for a while, but struck gold about a year ago with Facebook video ads. After just 2 weeks of running video ads he was able to triple the revenue of a large Shopify store. Now he has set up thousands of ad campaigns, and he has discovered a formula for telling good stories that make great video ads. He is here today to share that formula so you can make profitable Facebook video ads for your Shopify store.

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    Jay Myers: What Successful Shopify Storeowners Know

    With 22 apps in the app store, and a staff of one hundred, Jay Myers and the Bold Apps team has learned a lot about ecommerce. In this episode, we learn what separates successful stores from the rest of the pack.

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    CMS Made Simple: How to Work Around Shopify's Limitations

    Ever find yourself editing a product in your store and wishing you had more options that just title and description?

    Our guest John Carbone did.

    John is a senior Drupal developer, who loved Shopify's ecommerce abilities, but missed the extensibililty provided by Drupal. After first developing a solution to merge the two platforms together, he developed a clean way to add custom fields to Shopify's product pages.

    If you've ever wished you could easily add different specifications to various products, then this episode is for you.

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