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Ready to learn the secrets of the world's most successful ecommerce professionals? The Unofficial Shopify Podcast will teach you how to grow your traffic, conversions, and make more money with your Shopify store. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce marketing strategy.

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    Best-Seller Insights & The Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales with Tom Davies

    Black Friday is right around the corner, but it's not too late to set your store up for maximum sales.

    Tom Davies, creator of the Best Seller Insights app, joins us to discuss four ways that knowing your store's best (and worst) sellers can maximize your store’s success.

    After that, we dive into Tom's list of ten Shopify apps to boost your store's sales.

    I guarantee there's at least one app, strategy, or tactic in this episode that you can implement today to make more money in your store before the holiday season kicks off.

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    Shopify Plus: An In-Depth Guide with Mac King

    In the past, growing storeowners would sometimes wonder, "What happens if I outgrow Shopify?" In response to that question, Shopify launched an enterprise-level plan called Shopify Plus. It hosts huge brands like Kylie Cosmetics or the Los Angeles Lakers, in addition to our very own friends EverestBands and KeySmart.

    If you're already on Shopify, you might wonder if and when Shopify Plus is right for you.

    To answer those questions, Mackenzie "Mac" King joins us. He should know, he's run his own successful Shopify store, and is currently Shopify Plus Expert Manager at Shopify. He's not part of the sales team, but instead works with Shopify's partners (like Kurt) to provide a great experience to Plus stores.

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    Get Wallet-out Google Shopping Traffic with Brett Curry

    Google Shopping ads are one of the leading traffic sources that can give you the ultimate edge. This hidden gem is often overlooked by store owners (and your competition.) Brett Curry, author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, joins us to walk through setting up profitable product listing ads.

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    A/B Testing: Is it a 'sack of money' button?

    What's a good conversion rate? One that's better than last month.

    But how did you get there?

    Nick Disabato has built a career on research-focused A/B testing. Over the past year, he's helped Shopify Plus store KeySmart achieve extraordinary success. He joins us today to discuss that journey and how you can improve your store 5% monthly with his approach to split testing.

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    Conversion Rate Optimization & User Research with Joris Bryon

    I'm a sucker for conversion rate optimization talk because so many people approach it differently. I always learn something new. Which is why I jumped at the chance to talk to Joris Bryan in Malta about how he views conversion rate optimization.

    Co-founder of, Joris is, among other things, a ConversionXL Certified Optimizer, author of Frankwatching and Emerce, conversion optimization trainer for Frankwatching and guest lecturer ‘Data-driven Conversion Optimization’ at University College Ghent.

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    Violent Little Machine Shop: Morale Patches & a Mindset for Success

    Today's guest runs the least politically correct store we've come across, and we love it.

    Yanne Root, founder of Violent Little Machine Shop, has made a business out of inappropriate morale patches.

    In this episode, we talk about Yanne's individual journey, what makes his business successful, "the voice" he presents to customers, and the mindset he uses to stay successful.

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    The Perfect Shopify Funnel with Richard Patey

    In an ideal world, we could point a Facebook ad at your homepage and generate sales. But we don't live in a perfect world, and that's a terrible strategy.

    Joining us to share the winning strategy that he used to grow and sell his own Shopify store is Richard Patey.

    Richard Patey is the founder of which offers done for you marketing & sales funnels for ecommerce stores.

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    Crowdfunding Secrets For Kickstarter Success with Scott Adamson

    Did you know $2.5 billion dollars have been pledged to Kickstarter projects? Billion. With a B.

    That's just for successful campaigns. Only 35% of campaigns end up getting funded on Kickstarter.

    So what can you do ensure success on Kickstarter?

    Joining us to tell us to share crowdfunding secrets of success is Scott Adamson, co-founder of Kickbooster Inc.

    Since launch, Kickbooster has worked with over 1300 crowdfunding campaigns, has been featured by tech writers at Tech Crunch, Gadget Flow, Art of the Kickstart and Crowd Crux, and was promoted on Product Hunt. Kickbooster has quickly become a staple tool in the crowdfunding community.

    Scott has personally worked with hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns including a handful of multi-million dollar projects that have used both the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms to raise seed money for early startups and innovative ideas.

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    From the Detroit Tigers to Shirt Maker: Steven Fisher's Story

    In this episode we're talking to Steven Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO at State & Liberty Clothing Company, about his journey and meteoric rise to success.

    Prior to founding the company, Steven graduated from the University of Michigan and worked for the Detroit Tigers in data analytics. After being disappointed and frustrated with all other dress shirts on the market, Steven and co-founder Lee launched State & Liberty Clothing Company in January of 2015. By focusing on fit, feel and a professional look, they've have created the best dress shirt on the market for the athletically built.

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    Hustling to change your life with Neil Patel

    Heart. Head. Habits. Those are the three most important components to achieving success. Sound easy? Think again.

    Neil Patel, Jonas Koffler, and Patrick Vlaskovits are releasing a new book called Hustle. It’s a game-changing guide to finding success and outsmarting the system.

    In this bonus episode, Kurt calls Neil to find out what Hustle is all about.

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