The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

“How is an entrepreneur like me supposed to scale my Shopify store?” That's what The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims to answer. Discover new opportunities to grow your store from the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs. Hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant and Shopify Plus Partner, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Shopify– It's a no holds barred discussion of ecommerce growth strategy and tactics.

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    Can You Design Your Way To Success?

    Wrapping up the year, my business partner (and producer of this show) Paul Reda joins me to discuss his experiences as a Shopify theme developer with ten years of experience.

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    How to Prevent Fraud & Chargebacks

    Get a glimpse into the silent crime wave that cost the US economy $16 billion last year: credit card fraud.

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    What's New in Klaviyo

    Learn what features are new in Klaviyo before the holidays. Plus, discover the interesting views on marketing that Klaviyo's company culture has produced.

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    Cowbucker: Starting a Hat Revolution

    Hear Cowbucker's merchant success journey as they sell "probably mankind's greatest invention:" a hat that's part trucker lid and part cowboy brim.

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    Outsourcing Your Customer Service

    How outsourced customer service can increase conversions and delight customers… without risk to brand or budget.

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    How To Use Facebook Messenger To Sell Online

    Learn how Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots gets My Wife Quit Her Job's Steve Chou incredible results that blow email marketing out of the water.

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    Proven Abandoned Cart Email Tactics

    Abandoned Cart Best Practice: Learn the proven four email strategy that works, and three outside the box ideas to boost your recovery rate.

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    Ultraworking: Productivity Hacks for Busy People

    How much time do you spend working in your business versus on your business?

    In this episode, you'll learn how to get all your work done quickly and effectively, grow revenues and ship projects, and stay sane in the process while delighting customers.

    Sebastian Marshall is the cofounder of Ultraworking, a company that's building the future of work itself. Ultraworking's "performance-enhancing software" is being used by fast-growth businesses, programmers, engineers, attorneys, and creatives, including employees at Google and NASA.

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    AR, VR, & 3D: Changing The Way We Shop

    How AR & VR will change how we shop. Shopify's Augmented and Virtual Reality team lead shares inspiration on how mixed reality technologies provide engaging shopping experiences.

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    Global Ecommerce: How to Go International & Expand Your Reach

    Achieve massive global growth as marketing wunderkind Andy Bedell teaches us the exact step-by-step process he developed while helping grow KeySmart into a top 100 Shopify store and Facebook advertiser using internationalization.

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    PostedProtein: Bootstrapping from 0 to £250K+

    From 0 to £250K+ in 2 years: Tom Brown joins us to discuss the journey, mindset, and tactics that helped him build a successful business selling protein bars online.

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    Powerful & Practical Content Marketing

    How to build relationships with content marketing (and several mistakes you're probably making.) By creating a content marketing plan, publishing videos, blogs, and even Facebook Live, you'll gain consistent branding, amplified online exposure, and real relationships with your customers so that you can sell more, more often.

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    Becoming Known: The Case for Personal Branding

    Learn how to sell more, more often with personal branding, an often overlooked strategy that lets you sell person to person at scale by sparking that human connection.

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    GDPRmageddon: What U.S. Merchants Need to Know

    GDPR is going to slap you if you're not ready. Here's how to fix that. In today's episode, we'll cover the main points of why GDPR is important and what stores need to prepare.

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    Shopify Unite 2018 Recap: Now What?

    What's New at Shopify: Recapping Unite 2018! Not everything Shopify announced– just the important stuff for merchants according to our panel of Shopify Experts and what it means for your Shopify store.

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    Live at Shopify Unite 2018

    Recorded in Toronto for Shopify Unite 2018. What's changing in the Shopify ecosystem? We ask attendees of their annual conference to find out.

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    Finding your True Fans & Brand Advocates

    How to find and connect with ambassadors for your brand (because your affiliate or referral program is only as good as its advocates!)

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    Grow & Convert with Content Marketing

    How to use content marketing to get traffic to your store, specifically, when it works, when it doesn't, and patterns we've noticed in successful content.

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    Good Design with Chris Pointer: How to approach Shopify Themes

    Chris Pointer of Pointer Creative has 16+ years of design experience. His agency works exclusively on Shopify and has produced custom themes for the NY Times, Death Wish Coffee, and others. In this episode, he teaches us how to approach design, communicate what we want to designers, and when & why to go totally custom.

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    B2B eCommerce MasterPlan: How to Scale Your Business with Wholesale eCommerce

    Whether you're a wholesaler looking to start selling to your customers online, a manufacturer wanting to increase the orders coming through your website, or an online retailer looking to branch out into B2B sales, today's episode will take you through the key considerations to making B2B eCommerce a success for your business.

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    The Beard King: How a Hairy Sink Launched a 7-figure Business

    In today's episode, Nicholas Galekovic, the entrepreneur behind Beard King, joins us to discuss a journey that went from his bathroom, to Shark Tank, to a viral-success product that has resulted in a seven-figure business in less than five years.

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    Is dropshipping dead? What successful dropshippers know

    Is dropshipping dead? In today's episode, you'll learn the answer, as well as what it takes to become a successful dropshipper, and even how dropshipping can scale your existing store. Our guest today is Tomas Slimas, Chief Marketing Officer at Oberlo. He should know– Oberlo users have sold more than 100 million products during the last 24 months.

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    Game of Bluff: Your Internet Law & Copyright Infringement Primer

    Doing business online without retaining an Internet lawyer is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette– things tend not to end well. The days of the Internet being the Wild West are long gone. The empire is striking back! In this episode, you'll learn on how to protect yourself, how to best to comply with laws applicable to conducting business online such as the DMCA and FTC regulations, and how not scary it really is.

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    Marriage for Entrepreneurs with Julie Elster (Valentine's Day Bonus)

    Ever wonder what it's like to be married to an entrepreneur? Or how a self-employed couple make it work and what the potential pitfalls may be?

    My wife and I both are business owners who work together, and we make it work, but not without a few key considerations.

    In this bonus episode, my wife and I discuss our unconventional relationship from our bedroom.

    Listen now.

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    Sourcing: How to find the right factory for your product idea

    In this episode you’re going to learn how to find a factory to manufacture your brilliant million dollar idea, how to avoid getting ripped off, and what mistakes to avoid when vetting a factory. Our guest today has brought dozens of products to market, run three ecommerce companies (sold one), and been a part of projects on Kickstarter raising over seven figures. Nathan Resnick joins us from his new company, Sourcify, a platform that makes manufacturing easy. Having helped hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world, Nathan is going to discuss with us how to find, vet, and build a relationship with a factory so that you can turn your idea into a real product.

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    Automating the Ultimate Customer Service Experience

    In this episode you’re going to learn the ins & outs of tackling customer support as you scale your business. So how do you get customer support off of your plate while providing an amazing experience for your customers? The answer might be automation. I first met today's guest while speaking at the Day With Shopify tour, and immediately knew that he'd made something special. Romain Lapeyre joins us today to discuss customer support automation. After all, he cofounded a customer support automation platform, raised $1.5 million, and niched down on Shopify in the process. Their product, Gorgias, helps Shopify merchants manage all their support requests in one place, and automatically respond to common questions.

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    How to grow a 700,000+ email list with AppSumo's Noah Kagan

    Today’s guest started 2 multi-million dollar businesses, grew a 700,000+ email list, and even knows where to find the best tacos in the world.

    Yes, we’re talking to Noah Kagan who was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and is currently Chief Sumo at, which offers free tools to grow your website traffic.

    Mixergy’s Andrew Warner said, “Noah showed me how to grow my email list and figure out my site’s revenue model. Don’t let his casual, taco-talking style fool you. The guy gets serious business results.”

    Listen now.

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    Validating & Scaling Your Shopify Store using Amazon FBA

    The hardest part of building a brand is often attracting an audience.

    After all, if no one has heard of you, how will you sell to them?

    That’s why it’s been no surprise to me that over the last two years, I’ve helped quite a few successful Amazon sellers expand onto Shopify.

    Starting in a marketplace like Amazon customers find you more easily, and rapidly validate your product-market fit.

    Once validated, you can then leverage Amazon to grow your Shopify store.

    But it’s not all roses and sunshine. There are some issues too.

    Today’s guest is a successful Amazon seller, Shopify merchant, and former Amazon FBA consultant. Noah Deligio will tell us, form his personal experience, how best to leverage both Amazon and Shopify for your business.

    Listen now.

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    How KeySmart Made $1.3 Million on a Product Launch

    When starting out with your store, most folks struggle to get their first sale.

    Then, if you do find your product-market fit, and get traction in your niche, you set your sites on growing to your first million dollars in revenue. And if you can get there, you’d feel pretty great.

    Now what if I told you our guest today got to a million dollars in revenue in a few months on a single new product launch with pre-orders.

    Pretty wild, right?

    On today’s episode, we’ll pull back the curtain on this monumental success.

    Andy Bedell is the head of marketing for KeySmart, one of Shopifys largest e-commerce stores. He is an experienced advertiser and email marketer with over $20 million in revenue under his belt.

    In addition to KeySmart, Andy has consulted advertising agencies, other eCommerce stores, and several Kickstarter campaigns.

    Before entering the eCommerce world he ran advertising for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education department.

    Listen now.

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    New Year, New Ads: Facebook Ads Best Practices for 2018

    You already know Facebook is the #1 acquisition channel for your online business. We’re seeing clients with 4-6x returns on ad spend using Facebook ads.

    But Facebook is a rapidly evolving platform. It seems like new features are being added every day. So what should we ad types and features should you be looking to use to grow your Shopify store as we start 2018?

    Joining us to discuss is Facebook ads guru Mojca Zove.

    Mojca is a Facebook Ads expert, author, and international speaker. Her work focuses on helping multimillion-dollar businesses generate more leads and increase profits with a carefully developed Facebook Advertising Strategy, so they can devote their time to other aspects of their business.

    She’s also the author of the Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started and the creator of The Facebook Ads Academy.

    Listen now.

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    Increasing Average Order Value on Autopilot

    When looking to increase store revenue, most people look to improve their traffic or their conversion rate. There’s another option boost revenue without changing how many visitors you get or how well your site converts. It’s your average order value.

    The easiest way to increase your average order value is with upsells or cross-sells. Using an app like Bold Apps Product Upsell makes this an easy feature to add, but you still need to think of offers that make sense, implement, test, and revise them.

    Until now. Using machine learning, Bold has a relatively new app that adds automatic offer creation to Upsell using your data from your store. It’s called Bold Brain, and it’s completely free.

    Joining us to discuss it, and tell us what we can expect in the future, is Jay Myers from Bold.

    Jay is one of the four co-founders of Bold Commerce, and an eCommerce fanatic– He’s been selling online since 1998, and in 2012 started building Shopify apps to help improve his own stores. His apps have always been focused on making stores more money, and they now help over 70,000 merchants do so every single day.

    Listen now.

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    The Future of Dropshipping: Automating Licensed Apparel

    On Shopify, fashion & apparel is the largest vertical. It’s always one of the most difficult. One threat fashion retailers face is purchasing too much inventory.

    The solution that many merchants choose to avoid inventory issues is dropshipping. It’s inexpensive, accessible, and easy… depending on the products you want to send. If you’re looking for licensed products like pop culture apparel, it can be challenging to find authentic goods to sell.

    That’s where Hingeto’s MXED comes in. MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. It’s a game changer.

    Leandrew Robinson, co-founder of Hingeto, joins us to talk inventory risk, the future of drop shipping, and Marshawn Lynch.

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    Growing Your List & Revenue With Pop-ups

    Learn the best practices and benchmarks for pop-ups with the founder of popular pop-up app Privy, Ben Jabbawy. Privy supports over 200,000 marketers in 180 countries. Their data-driven approach to lead capture and on-site personalization has helped brands like UNIQLO, The Beatles, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and now you.

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    Using Emotion to Optimize Conversions With Talia Wolf

    As founder and chief optimizer at GetUplift, Talia Wolf uses emotion, customer-centric research and persuasive design to generate more revenues, leads and sales for businesses.

    Recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization, Talia is a conversion optimization specialist, trainer and keynote speaker.

    Today she’ll teach us her emotional targeting methodology and why it works so well in increasing conversions.

    Listen now.

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    Make Shipping Sexy: Creating a better shopping experience

    If you want your customers to return, you’ll need to put extra effort into your shipping.

    On today’s episode, Shopify Guru Rob Brown joins us to first establish the best practices for shipping rules in Shopify, and then gives us easy, accessible tips that any merchant can use to improve their shipping experience.

    You’ll learn exactly how to create an all-encompassing experience for customers throughout the buyer journey.

    And the best part is that many of our ideas are cheaper than a Facebook ad.

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    Working With Apps: How to Find (or Build) the Right Apps for Your Store

    One of the more common questions I get is, "Hey Kurt, what apps do you recommend?"

    Like any experienced Shopify Expert, I normally give a cryptic non-answer like "I recommend installing nothing until you have a specific pain or problem than can be solved by a single app. Audit your apps regularly to make sure you still need them."

    This is not the answer you or anyone is looking to hear.

    It's not my fault, it's because I have PTSD from logging into client stores and discovering 40+ apps installed resulting in a 20MB page size and more javascript errors than I can diagnose. That's not hyperbole either, it's happened repeatedly.

    So how can we navigate the app store effectively? What apps are recommended?

    Joining us to discuss it is Aaron Wadler from ShopPad.

    Aaron Wadler is co-founder and CEO of ShopPad, an Oakland, CA company built around serving Shopify merchants through App Store applications and custom services. Since its founding in 2012, ShopPad has become a Shopify Plus partner and their applications are now used by over 70,000 brands and retailers across the globe.

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    Chat Bots: Recover Abandoned Carts with Facebook Messenger

    In 2016, chatbots were said to be the next big thing in ecommerce. Now it’s nearly 2018, and we’re starting to see real results from chat bots, specifically remarketing via Facebook Messenger.

    In one client’s stores, we saw this approach recover 1 out of 3 abandoned sessions.

    This gets us excited. On today’s episode, we’re joined but a Shopify merchant turned service provider who knows the space better than most.

    Arjun Ohri is the CEO of ShopMessage, the first e-commerce marketing automation platform for Facebook Messenger.

    Previously, Arjun built and scaled multiple businesses on the Facebook platform, including social games at Zynga, and a Shopify store with over 1M customers.

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    Hire Better: How to Build a Dependable Tech Team

    As your store grows, you will inevitably have to hire freelancers, consultants, or employees for your tech team. It can be an intimidating process that leaves you struggling to keep projects on track.

    You don’t have to learn how to be a great manager the hard way. Our guest today wants to help you level up faster. Marcus Blankenship gets paid to coach overwhelmed technical managers. He's managed a variety of teams and is going to talk us through how to hire better.

    Today’s episode will leave you feeling dramatically more confident and capable in hiring for your Shopify team, and you’ll see better performance from your team.

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    $1 million in Year 1: Selling Tutorials on Shopify with RGG EDU

    One of the most successful Shopify businesses I've run across doesn't sell any physical goods at all.

    They sell digital goods and did $1 million in revenue in their first year.

    Joining us to share his journey is Gary Martin, the co-founder of RGG EDU, a documentary based production company that specializes in the most comprehensive photography & Photoshop tutorials in the world.

    After turning down a lucrative job opportunity on Apple's Cupertino software development team, Gary decided to launch his own career in photography and never work for anyone again.

    Within a few years, he again made the dramatic decision to ditch client services and instead go on a journey to create the world's best and highest quality educational content.

    Three years after launching their store on Shopify, they are recognized as one of the premier educational resources for photography. We are in 150 countries worldwide, have the best photography podcast on the internet, and get to travel the world and learn from the best photographers in the world.

    Listen now...

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    Make Your Own Luck: How Doug Geiger Built a Durable Business

    In 2012, Doug Geiger stole his wife’s crockpot, bought $400 worth of lanolin while already in debt, and powered through his own self-doubt and anxiety to start his beard care company.

    Today, Doug’s products can be found in over 150 stores nationwide.

    Doug is not only the founder of Can You Handlebar he is the driving force behind the company and its myriad endeavors.

    Having found success with Can You Handlebar, Doug does what he can when he can to encourage that success in others.

    In this episode, he walks us through both his journey and his mindset for success. If you’re looking for the secret sauce to building a durable business that supports the life you want, you’ll want to hear what Doug believes is a realistic & sustainable approach to achieve that dream.

    Listen now.

    Then join The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook Group and comment with your biggest “Ah-ha” moment or take away from this episode, and you could win $150 in Can You Handlebar products!

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    Overwhelmed: How to be More Productive & Less Stressed

    Do you feel overwhelmed?

    In discussions and surveys from Shopify store owners and listeners of this show, we’ve learned one thing: you feel overwhelmed.

    That’s the number one answer to the question, “What’s the number one problem you’re facing with your Shopify store right now?”

    In today’s episode, I sat down with an author who was instrumental in the success of my business. You’ve heard me recommend Sean D’Souza’s book, The Brain Audit, has been frequently on this show, and it was my honor to learn Sean’s approach to productivity.

    Speaking with him, it became clear that he’s as disciplined as he is relaxed. His mindset to overcoming overwhelm is both inventive and actionable.

    Sean takes three months of vacation every year and yet is one of the most productive people I’ve met.

    Whether you’re feeling stressed or just plain stuck, Sean’s advice could change the way you’re building your business and even living life.

    Listen now.

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    Erilan: Discretion & Sensitivity in eCommerce

    A few weeks back, a listener suggested that we record an episode about marketing for sensitive niches.

    That sounded like an interesting challenge, so I tweeted about it.

    I had assumed that sensitive referred to age-restricted industries like tobacco, cannabis, adult goods, etc.

    Instead, we got a far more interesting response from a long-time listener.

    He wrote to us:

    "My mum got breast cancer 10 years ago and had to have a double mastectomy. She lives in rural Australia where access to all the necessary prosthetics and clothing was near impossible. When she got better she asked me about starting a business and I ended up doing all the digital stuff. It was one of my first forays into e-commerce and we've since moved to it to Shopify where it leads its industry in Australia. One of the huge obstacles is the discretion involved. "

    In today’s episode, we walk through the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned.

  79. Thumb 1504805029 artwork

    Growth Multipliers: Steal These Email Campaigns

    If you listen to this show, you probably doing some email marketing for your Shopify store.

    One problem: so does everyone else.

    It's tough to stand out, and it's certainly tough to innovate with new campaign ideas that achieve meaningful results.

    In today's episode, we'll do some outside the box thinking to build growth into your ecommerce email campaigns.

    Joining us to discuss it is Shanelle Mullin from Shopify.

    She’s a content creator who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster. She's a jill-of-all-trades marketer with a 10-year background in content marketing and optimization.

  80. Thumb 1503423988 artwork

    Your Black Friday Email Marketing Plan

    Black Friday will be here before we know it, and maybe you’re stressed about it.

    If you don’t have a plan in place for your Black Friday email campaign, you’re right to be stressed.

    You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

    Getting started with email marketing can be overwhelming, especially for Black Friday.

    On today’s episode, we will discuss a solid actionable plan for a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign.

  81. Thumb 1504637276 artwork

    Beef Jerky, Gaming, & $100K: The JerkyXP Story

    The archetypal internet startup story is this: two room mates start a website out of their dorm room, and rapidly become so successful, going to college doesn't even make sense anymore.

    I've yet to meet anyone who fit that mold, until now.

    Six years ago, Max Zitney and his twin brother, Zach, started selling beef jerky with $1,200 and a website from their Ohio State University apartment as college sophomores.

    In 2015, JerkyXP was selected as one of 20 Chase Mission Main Street grant recipients (from more than 30,000 applicants.

    Six months ago, they sold their business to focus on a new B2B ecommerce venture.

    So how did they do it? What happened between then and now?

    In this episode, Max lays out their journey and the exact strategies they used to the grow (and exit) their business.

  82. Thumb 1505758581 artwork

    Shopify Flow: How-to Automate Everything

    If you’ve ever worked with me on something, then you know I love automation. All kinds of automation. My house is loaded with home automation gadgets, and my business has been built on marketing automation.

    Why? Because it saves time, keeps me efficient, and is all-around convenient. Automation never sleeps.

    Which is why at last year’s Shopify Unite, there was one feature announcement in particular that piqued my interest.

    We were shown a new feature that would allow you to create automation workflows right in your Shopify admin. It was called Flow, and I was very excited to try it. Adding automation to your business represents a potentially tremendous revenue boost for ecommerce stores. Research shows that business automation leads to more productivity and higher revenues.

    On September 18th, Flow left beta and was published publicly in the Shopify App Store for any Plus customer to use. But should you use it? What can you do with it?

    To find out, we’ll talk to two people on both sides of the table about their Flow experience.

    First, we’ll hear from David Moellenkamp, the Director of Product at Shopify Plus, about how they’ve built Flow to solve the problems of Shopify’s highest volume merchants (and what their vision for Flow is long-term.)

    Then we’ll hear from Michelle Frey-Tarbox, the backend guru at Shinesty who will tell us about her experience with Flow and how it helped her as she operationally supported Shinesty’s brand growth from launch to $5M in 3 years.

    If you aren’t exploring automation now, you’re going to be outpaced quickly by competitors. In this episode, we’ll learn how to use Shopify Flow’s automation can make your everyday processes wildly more efficient.

    Listen now.

  83. Thumb 1504032600 artwork

    Fulfill Your Orders: How-to Own The Ordering Process

    Every Shopify store owner has the same problem:

    Fulfilling orders!

    If you’re amazing at marketing your store and getting sales, then you’d better be amazing at fulfilling those orders too, or your business will crumble under the weight of negative reviews.

    Operations and logistics are tough for most new shop owners. In today’s episode we’ll learn some best practices from someone with years of experience running operations for his own ecomerce business.

    Our guest today is Aaron Rubin. He’s both a store owner and ecommerce service provider. He started in ecommerce in 1999 and built a business that sells jiu jitsu equipment to $7million in revenue and $1million profit annually before founding ShipHero.

    He’ll tell us the best practices he’s learned in the process.

  84. Thumb 1502304283 artwork

    The Business of Fashion: Using Personas & Calendars to Grow

    If there’s one industry that’s harder than most to market, it’s fashion.

    Why is it so intrinsically difficult to market a fashion store?

    And if we know why, what can we do about it?

    Joining us to break it down is Jacklyn Deans.

    Jacklyn Deans is the Founder and Principal eCommerce Consultant at Flash + Color.

    Flash + Color helps Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle brands establish and expand their businesses online.

    With over 15 years of eCommerce and Digital Marketing experience, she advises brands on how to exponentially increase sales, boost engagement, and create loyal customers.

  85. Thumb 1502126374 artwork

    Forget Maybe: Here's How To Grow Your Store With Content Marketing

    When it comes to content marketing, most businesses are guessing. "Maybe X topic will work, maybe Y keyword is good to target." Forget maybe.

    Today we’re going to break down a simple, step-by-step system you can follow to get the highest possible ROI from your content marketing efforts.

    It’s not enough to rank for a keyword. We need visitors that we can convert to customers.

    Our guest today

    Bill Widmer is an SEO-obsessed eCommerce content marketing consultant. He's worked with many brands, such as A Better Lemonade Stand, SaleHoo, and Social Media Examiner.

    Listen now to learn how a real content marketing pro tackles blogging in plain english.

  86. Thumb 1500916874 artwork

    Small Data: How to Increase Revenues with Customer Research

    In the last several years, big data has been a buzzword. But big data is just that: big. It can be overwhelming.

    Today we’re going to talk about small data: customer research.

    Customer research is vital to high-impact marketing.

    Let’s say you’ve found something gone awry in your Google Analytics. A page that underperforms, what do you do about it?

    That’s where Customer Research and “small data” can be immensely valuable.

    Josh Frank of joins us today to talk us through it.

    For years, Josh has been been working with eCommerce companies to optimize their websites for higher revenue using a blend of marketing and technical expertise to improve conversion rates.

    Josh formerly headed up ecommerce teams and worked to pioneer testing cultures within organizations. Now, he works exclusively on getting eCommerce stores more profit through profitable customer research and a/b testing.

    Listen now.

  87. Thumb 1500491773 artwork

    Sourcing the Future: How One Man Brought Smart Jackets to Market

    It’s 2017, forget about flying cars, where are our smart clothes?

    Today’s guest is making smarter clothes

    Peter Netzel of Kelvin Techstyles joins us today to discuss his journey. He drops a megaton knowledge bomb regarding sourcing and manufacturing products through Alibaba.

    If you’ve ever considered having a product manufactured, but didn’t know where to start, Peter makes it sound easy.

    Listen now.

  88. Thumb 1500314094 artwork

    Embracing Video: How Tactical Baby Gear Grew 5x with Video

    If this show had a mantra, it might be "People buy from people, not brands."

    I've certainly said it enough times

    because I believe firmly in the power of selling H2H, human to human.

    I've seen solopreneuer stores try so hard to make themselves look bigger than they are, and we see right through it.

    Hey, I did the same thing when I started my own business eight years ago.

    But one of the turning points that leveled up our business was when I got out in front of as the face of the brand.

    It's something I've seen as a common characteristic of successful online brands

    And today's guest does a great job at it.

    He was on our show last summer as well after moving his store onto Shopify and experiencing explosive growth after a successful free plus shipping campaign.

    Now he's back to update us how his business grown in the last year through his personal video content marketing

    Joining us today is Beav Brodie from Tactical Baby Gear.

    Beav developed Tactical Baby Gear and brought it to market in 2013 using Instagram as a platform to promote and sell it initially. He came from a 15 year career as a custom car builder and knew some, but very little about e-commerce, and had to learn everything on his own

    The results have been extraordinary

    Listen now.

  89. Thumb 1499876991 artwork

    How to Omnichannel: Bridging Online & In-Store Experiences

    Rarely on this do we talk about ecommerce from a retail-first perspective.

    Today that changes.

    How does ecommerce as a channel fit into an existing and successful brick & mortar experience?

    If you’re a retailer re-selling other people’s products in a brick & mortar, this episode is for you.

    Joining us to discuss it is Gregg Shanefelt.

    Gregg is a senior web developer and marketer who has been working with small businesses since 2009 with a passion for helping the little (and not so little) guys grow to compete and build the community.

  90. Thumb 1499800366 artwork

    4X Your Black Friday Emails with Segmentation

    Last week we heard from Kaleigh Moore on ecommerce trends that will optimize your store in preparation for Black Friday

    One of the suggestions from that episode that got most excited was the idea of a buyer’s guide– specifically having customers segment themselves into new vs returning customers by offering a buyer’s guide on the home page.

    That’s a simple but powerful example of customer segmentation.

    Right now, nearly all websites treat all visitors the same.

    But our customers aren’t the same.

    If we can segment them based on their interests and actions, then we can personalize their experience, and make our marketing much more relevant to them.

    To discuss the realities of personalization, is RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn. RightMessage is a software company that helps bring on-site personalization to the masses.

  91. Thumb 1499787991 artwork

    eCommerce Trends You Need to Boost Sales Before Black Friday

    The year is half over, which means the holidays will be upon us before we know it.

    The summer, right now, is the time to start preparing for the holidays.

    One way to prepare is to look at what’s working for other ecommerce retailers and cherry pick those ideas for your own brand.

    Joining us to discuss several actionable example of revenue-boosting trends is Kaleigh Moore.

    Kaleigh is a freelance writer specializing in eCommerce. Since 2013, she's been working with various eCommerce platforms and publications like Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur to highlight the best practices, new data, and rapid growth associated with online sales.

  92. Thumb 1499365615 artwork

    How to Get Better Traffic, Free with Semantic Data

    Everyone wants better ranking but that’s not really what they want.

    Stores want more traffic.

    They want that because it leads to sales.

    Sales is what really matters.

    All of SEO is just a marketing channel to get more visitors who turn into customers.

    The main FIX for SEO is better rankings

    What if there was a way to get more sales with the existing rankings you already have?


    By convincing more searchers to click on your search listings.

    More clicks == more traffic == more sales.

    What we’re talking about today is a search enhancement in Google called Rich Snippets, specifically Product Rich Snippets.

    They enhance your existing search results with more data and pixels.

    Eric Davis joins us today to walk us through it in easy to understand terms.

    Eric is founder of Little Stream Software, which helps Shopify entrepreneurs customize their Shopify stores using public and private Shopify Apps.

  93. Thumb 1499110346 artwork

    Building The Perfect Shopify Theme

    Not all Shopify themes are created equal.

    Even in the Shopify Theme Store, which has a carefully curated collection of fewer than 50 themes, some are certainly better than others.

    That's we've learned In working on Shopify themes for the last five years.

    (Which is why we now only work on themes from trusted developers.)

    For new store owners on Shopify, choosing the right theme can be an intimidating task.

    On today's episode, I talk through my theming experience, and we take a deep dive into a new theme that's become my preferred go-to choice.

    Joining us is Brad Miller from Out of the Sandbox.

    Brad is the founder and CEO of Out of the Sandbox, the designers of Shopify's best reviewed and most popular themes.

    Out of the Sandbox has been designing revolutionary online shops and setting trends in the ecommerce world since 2011.

    Their theme work has earned them a Shopify Design Award, and they've continued to push the technological boundaries for high-performance ecommerce.

  94. Thumb 1496252700 artwork

    How customizable is Shopify, really?

    The biggest misconception about Shopify I hear from people considering the platform is that it’s “not customizable.”

    Joining me to discuss the realities of customization on Shopify is repeat guest Ross Allchorn

    Ross an entrepreneur and a specialist in e-commerce and digital marketing. Founder of ShopCreatify, a Shopify design, development, and customization collaborative.

    His days are filled mostly with solving interesting and complicated issues on Shopify and allowing his merchant clients to squeeze every ounce out of the platform.

  95. Thumb 1495654158 artwork

    The Vivian Lou Story: How One Mom Quit Her Job to Sell Insoles on HSN

    In speaking with Shopify entrepreneurs, there are definite patterns that appear in successful stores

    A common one is having a product that solves a pain or problem for people

    Today’s guest sells one product that solves a literal pain and has been tremendously successful doing so

    If you’ve ever worn high heels, you know there are designed for style over comfort

    That’s where Vivian Lou comes in. Vivian Lou is a brand that promises to allow women to wear high heels four times longer without pain.

    Joining me is Vivian Lou’s president, Abby Walker.

    Abby’s entrepreneurial journey started 3 years ago after she picked up the phone and asked one simple question.

    She launched her company as a hobby business (while being a full time working mom of two kids.)

    Since then, her flagship product - an insole for high heels - has been featured in O! Magazine, Real Simple and USA TODAY. It’s also been featured on The View and is sold on HSN.

    In May 2016, she quit her full-time job to pursue her dream and has covered her lost corporate salary (and then some) since November 2016.

    In today’s episode, Abby will explain her journey and the mindset shifts that enabled her success.

  96. Thumb 1495562186 artwork

    Pad & Quill: How an Award-winning Business Started With $1,200

    If you own a tablet or iPad, you’ve probably shopped for a case for it. And if you bought a case for it, did you ever run across beautiful leather cases that looked like books?

    If so, you and I have the same taste. Pad & Quill makes those luxurious cases.

    Our guest today is Brian Holmes, President, and owner of Pad & Quill. He started the business in 2010 with his wife, Kari.

    It was a desire to create exceptionally crafted luxury accessories (rather than profits) that motivated Holmes when he chose to start the business with a budget of just over $1,000.

    Pad and Quill is the tale of a shop formed with bookbinders, carpenters, a painter and a working mom coming together to create beautiful handmade iPad/iPhone cases, leather bags, and other dry goods.

    In this episode, we dive into his seven-year journey in ecommerce and discover what he’s learned along the way.

  97. Thumb 1495046274 artwork

    The Future of Your Checkout (And How It'll Help You Sell More Stuff)

    At Shopify Unite, we heard that Shopify is advancing their checkout process by adding new features like Shopify Pay.

    Advancement in the checkout process is great for merchants, and especially important for Shopify.

    It's important because the Shopify checkout process is tightly controlled. There's limited customization options, and unless you're on Shopify Plus, you're not given access to edit the checkout process.

    This brings us to a controversial point: is it not being able to edit that checkout process good or bad?

    And if we wanted to edit it, how could we do it?

    Then, what would do to improve the checkout process for the better?

    Joining me on the show to discuss it is Jordan Gal.

    Jordan is the Cofounder and CEO of CartHook, a software company that offers products that make your ecommerce business more successful.

  98. Thumb 1495036567 artwork

    How to Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

    In April during our Unite coverage, I had dinner with Carson McComas, the owner of Shopify Plus agency Fuel Made, and we got to talking about our mutual love of marketing automation, and specifically Klaviyo.

    Now, if you’re not using Klaviyo, that’s okay. Don’t tune out, hear me out.

    Carson mentioned to me that they were having great success with Klaviyo to the point where they were pushing the limits of ecommerce email marketing automation.

    I immediately knew I had to have the rest of the conversation on this show.

    So I emailed Carson, and here’s what he said:

    “Would love have Lisa on with you. She's the bomb and knows email marketing and Klaviyo like a pro. She's generated some pretty incredible ROI for our clients like Beardbrand.”

    Lisa heads the email marketing department at Fuel Made, she specializes in Klaviyo Email Marketing, and she knows it like the back of her hand.

    She's looked through 100's of Klaviyo accounts, helping clients add tens of thousands of dollars in automated monthly revenue by setting up their triggered marketing.

  99. Thumb 1494440570 artwork

    How-to Sell More With Content-first Facebook Sales Funnels

    It’s tremendously easy to waste money on Facebook ads, yet we’ve heard so many successful entrepreneurs talk about their success with Facebook Ads. So what can we do stack their cards in your favor?

    Our guest today, Kurt Bullock, walks through a proven blueprint that any store can use to yield better results with Facebook Ads by leveraging content to grow your Shopify store.

    Kurt Bullock is the founder of ecommerce agency ProduceDept, creator of TargetEcho and HelloSocial - which are tools for marketing agencies, and - he's someone we work with on a daily basis at Ethercycle.

  100. Thumb 1494353005 artwork

    $3M in 7 Months: The GorillaGoodies Standard Operating Procedure

    When starting an ecommerce store, it generally happens in one of two ways:

    1. You find a pain or problem in your life and realize you can solve it. And that becomes your first product.
    2. Or you want to try ecommerce, then brainstorm a dozen ideas to try.

    Corey Wright has turned the latter into a science.

    Corey started a digital marketing company with his brother in 2005 that focused on helping to recruit and license real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada.

    In May of 2016, he and his brother Casey got the itch to start an e-commerce store to see what they could learn about selling physical products online that may help them better sell their real estate services online.

    Over a weekend, they launched a store selling Donald Trump bobbleheads, which quickly grew much larger than they expected.

    Fast forward three months, they had a full blown e-commerce business, processing over 5,000 orders per month with every part of the supply chain accounted for. In just 7 months, their e-commerce sales accounted for nearly 2/3 of their 2016 revenues and grossed more than $3M in sales.

    Currently, they continue to run their real estate services business, but place a much heavier focus on growing the e-commerce side of their business.

  101. Thumb 1493667763 artwork

    The Pet Care Card: How a 21-year-old Built a Six-figure Business

    Your pets are a part of your family, but when the adults go to work, and the kids are at school, your pets are left home alone. So what happens to them if something happens to you?

    That's what a 21-year-old AJ Montoya wondered. So one day he decided to solve the problem by designing a credit card sized card with his emergency contact info. That way if he were ever in an accident, sick or injured and unable to return home to care for his pet, the card would be seen in his wallet, alerting those around you that your pet needs care.

    Now AJ sells that same card (and more) on– and business is good. Quit your job good. Hire your family to work for you good. And on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, he's going to tell us how it happened, and what you should do differently.

  102. Thumb 1493413098 artwork

    Shopify Unite 2017 Pt.3

    Part three of our special Shopify Unite edition of the show in which we cover many of the announcements from Unite last week by interviewing the attendees on-site.

  103. Thumb 1493412975 artwork

    Shopify Unite 2017 Pt.2

    Part two of our special Shopify Unite edition of the show in which we cover many of the announcements from Unite last week by interviewing the attendees on-site.

  104. Thumb 1493320368 artwork

    Shopify Unite 2017 Pt.1

    This week we have a special edition Shopify Unite edition of the show in which we cover many of the announcements from Unite last week by interviewing the attendees on-site.

  105. Thumb 1492108726 artwork

    Free Up Your Business: Delegating & Hiring with Connor Gillivan

    Many Shopify storeowners are bootstrapped solopreneurs, which means you’re handling everything in your business. As your business grows, you may want to delegate tasks, to give yourself free time to do focus on more valuable things, or maybe you just want to work less.

    The first time you hire is the scariest. Where do you start? How do you train people? How should you hire?

    To answer these questions and more, we’re joined by Connor Gillivan, author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, founder of, and a veteran ecommerce entrepreneur who has sold over $20 million on Amazon.

  106. Thumb 1490287886 artwork

    Urbain: How a 20-year-old Entrepreneur from Minneapolis Earns a 3x ROI on Facebook

    Logan Ketterling is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Minneapolis who combined his passions for fashion, storytelling, and online marketing to launch a successful jewelry business. Logan's brand Urbain creates unique pieces from places of significance such as historic sites or local hotspots.

    Since the launch, Logan has worked hard to get awareness about his unique products. Using Facebook Ads, Logan has built profitable funnels to get a customer aware, engaged, and active in his business. Some of these funnels returning 2 to 3 times ROI using unique audiences and tons of research to build an onramp to a new brand in a crowded space.

  107. Thumb 1490107890 artwork

    Ecommerce SEO in 2017: Smart Marketing Strategies from John Doherty

    Free traffic from Google through SEO can be a pillar of success for your Shopify store.

    Unfortunately, SEO advice is often general, not actionable, and sometimes wrong.

    As a result, it's tough to find 'real' experts.

    Today we're talking with John Doherty about ecommerce-specific tactics to grow your organic search traffic.

    John is the founder of, a company that connects great companies with the right marketing expert for their needs. He's also a freelance digital marketing consultant. In the past, he ran growth marketing at Trulia Rentals, marketing for, and worked for SEO agency Distilled in New York City.

  108. Thumb 1490716688 artwork

    Shopping Cart Migration: Planning Your Move to Shopify

    Today on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast we’re talking about migrating to Shopify

    If you already have an ecommerce website or are using a different ecommerce platform for your business, it is important to make sure that your product information and other content make it over to Shopify.

    Ross Beyeler, a Shopify Plus expert, specializes in migrations, and joins us today to walk us through what a successful migration looks like.

    Ross is the Founder and CEO of Growth Spark, an agency that provides strategy, design and development services to e-commerce companies. Since its founding in 2008, Growth Spark has completed over 350 projects with brands including Bose, Newbury Comics, Johnny Cupcakes, BottleKeeper and many more.

  109. Thumb 1488480360 artwork

    Getting People Talking About Your Brand (Even if you're not an Influencer)

    Pop-Quiz: Which marketing channel is the most effective and costs the least?

    Answer: Word of mouth.

    Today, David Fallarme joins us in this actionable episode to discuss the essentials behind successful word of mouth marketing.

    David currently heads up marketing for ReferralCandy, a Shopify app that gives your store a referral program.

    David's background includes making viral Facebook games played by millions, and he uses that experience to help ecommerce stores increase their sales with word of mouth.

  110. Thumb 1488401008 artwork

    Writing Effective Sales Copy with Sean McCabe

    You may have a great product, but it's not going to sell itself.

    If you can’t convince someone your product is the right one for them, it doesn’t matter how good it is. Nobody’s going to buy.

    Maybe you can relate: You launched and nobody bought— or only made a few sales. You launched and nobody cared at all. Crickets. You launched but sales plummeted immediately after.

    Would it surprise you to hear the solution to all these problems is writing?

    It ALL starts with writing. Crafting the right message is critical.

    Writing effective sales copy is an incredibly valuable skill.

    That's why I've brought Sean McCabe on talk with me about writing effective sales copy.

    Sean is an entrepreneur who writes over a million words a year on business, and has helped tens of thousands of students build and grow sustainable businesses with his courses on copywriting, pricing, and marketing. He knows what he’s talking about!

    After today's episode, you should be able to sell MORE of what you sell by learning to write effective sales copy.

  111. Thumb 1488225721 artwork

    Shopify Scripts: Getting Started with Gavin Ballard

    What if you could get total control over your pricing discounts & promotions without using an app or discount codes?

    What if your Shopify store let you offer Buy One Get One Free or Tiered Pricing? It would increase your conversions and revenue, right?

    That's what Shopify Scripts empowers you to do. It gives you the power to control your online store’s business logic - the conditional behaviors of your online store; giving you previously unheard-of levels of customization that starts at your customer’s first touch.

    (Note: Shopify Scripts is exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of Shopify Plus, we've put together a page that highlights the benefits.)

    To navigate the ins & outs of this advanced feature, we're joined by friend of the show Gavin Ballard. He's the founder of Disco, a consultancy which helps businesses solve their Shopify problems and increase their bottom line. He’s the author of the Mastering Shopify Themes course, as well as the popular Bootstrap for Shopify theme framework.

  112. Thumb 1487874031 artwork

    Fueled by Death: How Death Wish Coffee Earned a Spot In The Super Bowl

    In 2012, Death Wish Coffee Co. was started in a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, NY. Founder, Mike Brown, saw a need for coffee that was both strong and delicious to serve his groggy, morning customers. After creating the perfect blend of beans and combining it with his unique roasting technique, the 'World's Strongest Coffee' was born. Today, thousands of people trust Death Wish Coffee to wake them up and keep them going every day.

    In 2015, we won Intuit’s ‘Small Business Big Game’ competition, which gave us a 30- second commercial spot during the Superbowl. Since then, their business has grown every day allowing them to reach more coffee drinkers than ever before and invest in tremendous marketing efforts. They were the official coffee sponsor of New York Comic Con, they’ve sponsored Nascar Driver Ty Dillon, and they’ve had the opportunity to support amazing charities like the Special Olympics with their products.

    Today we're going to talk with their founder, Mike Brown, to hear his story and how he's made sure the Death Wish brand fits into every aspect of their fans' lives.

  113. Thumb 1487277387 artwork

    How Peter Friis crowdfunded more than $200K without Kickstarter

    Let me warn you now: you'll want to have a notepad ready before listening to this episode, because it may be our most actionable ever.

    Peter Friis is CEO and co-founder of ESSIO, the world's first aromatherapy diffuser for your shower.

    He recently had a major breakthrough in their conversion rate by designing an entirely new landing page using industry best practices and directing traffic to this page instead of their website.

    The results?

    A 665% lift in add to carts and 494% lift in conversion rate overall.

    This was great until they ran out of all their stock (because their CPAs were so low).

    They decided tp take the same landing page and convert it into a crowdfunding page where people could effectively get in line (and get a great discount) by pre-ordering. Mind you, they did this all outside of Kickstarter and without the framework of a traditional crowdfunding platform.

    Over the course of 3 months, they sold more than $200K worth of product and were nearly sold out again when their new inventory arrived.

    On today's show, we dive into Peter's story and the ins & outs of what they did and how others can replicate their success.

  114. Thumb 1487197297 artwork

    Peter Keller: Growing a Crossfit Store Explosively Without Paid Ads

    Peter founded Fringe Sport out of his garage in 2010 and grew it to 7 figures in revenue in 18 months. Now he is CEO of Fringe Sport, focused on bringing Great Products with Great Prices and World Class Customer Service to WODers and weightlifters. He has one problem though: his friends think he's crazy for his most recent marketing decision...

  115. Thumb 1487023589 artwork

    Four Ecommerce Trends for 2017 Marketing Strategy With Phil Kyprianou

    Where should you be investing your resources in 2017?

    To answer that question, we're joined by serial entrepreneur, coach & speaker, Phil Kyprianou. For the past decade, Phil has been dedicating himself to internet marketing. With a Facebook group of nearly 25K Shopify storeowners, Phil is always to give back to the community.

    Having built multiple successful Shopify stores, and worked with Fortune 500 companies and agencies, Phil knows what works based on hard-won experience.

    In today's episode, Phil walks us through what he believes are four pillars for a successful ecommerce business in 2017.

  116. Thumb 1485800528 artwork

    The Remarketing Matrix: 10x Your Remarketing Campaigns With This Procedure

    I love remarketing, and I love standard operating procedures.

    Our guest today is a remarketing wizard, and he walks us through a professional methodology for growing your remarketing campaigns in a systematic way.

    Tom Bukevicius is a Principal at SCUBE Marketing, an E-Commerce marketing agency delivering results through PPC & CRO. Tom’s motto is “Magic bullets are for losers. Execution is key”.

    If you have a business that's already selling and maybe even using remarketing, then you know what a tremendous ROI it represents. Tom's advice could 10x your business through remarketing.

  117. Thumb 1484768267 artwork

    Step-by-Step Pre-Crowdfunding Campaigns: What to Do Before You Raise Money

    Joining us today is Reid Covington, an energetic entrepreneur with a history of both realizing and accelerating growth for ecommerce businesses. By night, Reid is the founder of where he successfully raised ~$200k on Kickstarting and another ~$200k on Shopify in their first 3 months in business. By day, Reid is the Director of eCommerce at where he has helped to 10x their eCommerce channel from $300k/year to almost $3million/year over the last 12 months.

    You'll find out exactly what Reid does to ensure their success on Kickstarter, and he even reveals his never-been-shared-publicly-before Kickstarter growth-hacking secrets. He even shares the real numbers behind their winning campaigns.

  118. Thumb 1484679334 artwork

    Michael Steele: Sell Like a Human

    On this show, I interview two kinds of people. ecommerce entrepreneurs who walk the walk, and ecommerce professionals talk the talk. On rare occasion, you find a unicorn of an entrepreneur who does both. A few weeks ago we had Chad from Skubana who fit the bill. And this week I've found another unicorn! Micheal Steele, a self-made man, who runs a shop with his wife, and then takes the applied learnings from that store and uses them to inform his consultancy, Sell Like a Human.

    As director of marketing for two ecommerce business, Michael specializes in using marketing automation to sell like a human. What's that mean? We'll find out!

  119. Thumb 1483648459 artwork

    Embracing Controversy: How This Bikini Startup Went Viral

    Of all the store owners I hear from with thoughts on finding & engaging customers on social media, Candice Galek, CEO and Founder of Bikini Luxe is by far one of the most impressive. In under two years, she took her Shopify store from her living room in Miami Beach to a warehouse and a team of more than 40 employees worldwide all while amassing a social media following of more than 250,000. In today's episode, Candace pulls back the curtain on her humble beginnings, tremendous growth, and her contrarian approach to social media.

  120. Thumb 1483555309 artwork

    Podcasting for Business: The Tremendous Growth Engine

    Podcasting could be a tremendous growth engine for your business, and it's more accessible than ever. You don't need expensive equipment and an audio engineer to make a podcast that people will love. Ben Kreuger joins us to walk through why and how to start podcasting.

  121. Thumb 1483385494 artwork

    From 0 to $20 million dollars: Chad Rubin's Story

    Chad Rubin builds e-commerce businesses. Fresh out of college and Wall Street, he took his family vacuum business online and built his own direct to consumer e-commerce business called Crucial Vacuum. He grew it from 0 a $20 million dollar valuation in just 7 years.

  122. Thumb 1481746679 artwork

    We Built a Shopify App for Fun & Profit

    One of the best things about Shopify is its extensibility and the ecosystem that goes along with it. Recently we released our first (and currently only) Shopify app, and wanted to share that experience with you. It turns out it’s surprisingly easy to custom apps for a store’s private use, and almost as easy to monetize those apps in the Shopify app store. Jeremy Green, who developed Crowdfunder App with us, joins us to discuss the experience.

  123. Thumb 1481061838 artwork

    Sell More with Email Autoresponders

    Klaviyo's Chad Vanags joins us to explain just how easy it's become to use data-driven personalization in your email marketing to make more money on autopilot. He breaks down what email flows consistently make the most money, and what the best practices to use when implementing those workflows.

  124. Thumb 1480624238 artwork

    Expanding your Ecommerce Business on Amazon with Kiri Masters

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? That's what a lot of Shopify store owners are saying about the 800lb gorilla of ecommerce: Amazon. Fortunately, selling on Amazon and having your own store is not mutually exclusive. Kiri Masters, an absolute master of Amazon sales, talks us through it.

  125. Thumb 1480538069 artwork

    Profitable Facebook Ads & Audiences Decoded with Kurt Bullock

    Facebook is giving us more ways than ever to quickly and inexpensively generate custom audiences. As a busy store owner, learning to navigate Facebook's myriad of advertising options effectively can be a time-consuming endeavor.

    Kurt Bullock joins us to discuss Facebook's new options, and you can use them to set up a sales funnel that segments and targets customers through their relationship with your brand.

  126. Thumb 1479496265 artwork

    Best-Seller Insights & The Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales with Tom Davies

    Black Friday is right around the corner, but it's not too late to set your store up for maximum sales.

    Tom Davies, creator of the Best Seller Insights app, joins us to discuss four ways that knowing your store's best (and worst) sellers can maximize your store’s success.

    After that, we dive into Tom's list of ten Shopify apps to boost your store's sales.

    I guarantee there's at least one app, strategy, or tactic in this episode that you can implement today to make more money in your store before the holiday season kicks off.

  127. Thumb 1478885904 artwork

    Shopify Plus: An In-Depth Guide with Mac King

    In the past, growing storeowners would sometimes wonder, "What happens if I outgrow Shopify?" In response to that question, Shopify launched an enterprise-level plan called Shopify Plus. It hosts huge brands like Kylie Cosmetics or the Los Angeles Lakers, in addition to our very own friends EverestBands and KeySmart.

    If you're already on Shopify, you might wonder if and when Shopify Plus is right for you.

    To answer those questions, Mackenzie "Mac" King joins us. He should know, he's run his own successful Shopify store, and is currently Shopify Plus Expert Manager at Shopify. He's not part of the sales team, but instead works with Shopify's partners (like Kurt) to provide a great experience to Plus stores.

  128. Thumb 1476901573 artwork

    Get Wallet-out Google Shopping Traffic with Brett Curry

    Google Shopping ads are one of the leading traffic sources that can give you the ultimate edge. This hidden gem is often overlooked by store owners (and your competition.) Brett Curry, author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, joins us to walk through setting up profitable product listing ads.

  129. Thumb 1476125993 artwork

    A/B Testing: Is it a 'sack of money' button?

    What's a good conversion rate? One that's better than last month.

    But how did you get there?

    Nick Disabato has built a career on research-focused A/B testing. Over the past year, he's helped Shopify Plus store KeySmart achieve extraordinary success. He joins us today to discuss that journey and how you can improve your store 5% monthly with his approach to split testing.

  130. Thumb 1476733068 artwork

    Conversion Rate Optimization & User Research with Joris Bryon

    I'm a sucker for conversion rate optimization talk because so many people approach it differently. I always learn something new. Which is why I jumped at the chance to talk to Joris Bryan in Malta about how he views conversion rate optimization.

    Co-founder of, Joris is, among other things, a ConversionXL Certified Optimizer, author of Frankwatching and Emerce, conversion optimization trainer for Frankwatching and guest lecturer ‘Data-driven Conversion Optimization’ at University College Ghent.

  131. Thumb 1474054653 artwork

    Violent Little Machine Shop: Morale Patches & a Mindset for Success

    Today's guest runs the least politically correct store we've come across, and we love it.

    Yanne Root, founder of Violent Little Machine Shop, has made a business out of inappropriate morale patches.

    In this episode, we talk about Yanne's individual journey, what makes his business successful, "the voice" he presents to customers, and the mindset he uses to stay successful.

  132. Thumb 1472670830 artwork

    The Perfect Shopify Funnel with Richard Patey

    In an ideal world, we could point a Facebook ad at your homepage and generate sales. But we don't live in a perfect world, and that's a terrible strategy.

    Joining us to share the winning strategy that he used to grow and sell his own Shopify store is Richard Patey.

    Richard Patey is the founder of which offers done for you marketing & sales funnels for ecommerce stores.

  133. Thumb 1472056539 artwork

    Crowdfunding Secrets For Kickstarter Success with Scott Adamson

    Did you know $2.5 billion dollars have been pledged to Kickstarter projects? Billion. With a B.

    That's just for successful campaigns. Only 35% of campaigns end up getting funded on Kickstarter.

    So what can you do ensure success on Kickstarter?

    Joining us to tell us to share crowdfunding secrets of success is Scott Adamson, co-founder of Kickbooster Inc.

    Since launch, Kickbooster has worked with over 1300 crowdfunding campaigns, has been featured by tech writers at Tech Crunch, Gadget Flow, Art of the Kickstart and Crowd Crux, and was promoted on Product Hunt. Kickbooster has quickly become a staple tool in the crowdfunding community.

    Scott has personally worked with hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns including a handful of multi-million dollar projects that have used both the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms to raise seed money for early startups and innovative ideas.

  134. Thumb 1471980304 artwork

    From the Detroit Tigers to Shirt Maker: Steven Fisher's Story

    In this episode we're talking to Steven Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO at State & Liberty Clothing Company, about his journey and meteoric rise to success.

    Prior to founding the company, Steven graduated from the University of Michigan and worked for the Detroit Tigers in data analytics. After being disappointed and frustrated with all other dress shirts on the market, Steven and co-founder Lee launched State & Liberty Clothing Company in January of 2015. By focusing on fit, feel and a professional look, they've have created the best dress shirt on the market for the athletically built.

  135. Thumb 1473783681 artwork

    Hustling to change your life with Neil Patel

    Heart. Head. Habits. Those are the three most important components to achieving success. Sound easy? Think again.

    Neil Patel, Jonas Koffler, and Patrick Vlaskovits are releasing a new book called Hustle. It’s a game-changing guide to finding success and outsmarting the system.

    In this bonus episode, Kurt calls Neil to find out what Hustle is all about.

  136. Thumb 1472752177 artwork

    Offering Wholesale: Solutions & Realities with Ross Allchorn

    Using Shopify for Wholesale is one of the single most requested "features" I hear from new and existing clients. But there's several ways to go about it, and no obvious right way until you've experienced it.

    In this episode, South African Shopify Expert Ross Allchorn and I put our heads together and come up with a best practice solution for adding a wholesale channel to your ecommerce business.

  137. Thumb 1471363143 artwork

    Tactical Diaper Bags & Side Hustles with Beav Brodie

    "You can play video games all day if you want, but I'm busting my ass, I want to build an empire." That's what Beav Brodie told me about his journey building his Shopify store, an amazing niche store selling tactical-style diaper bags for today's dad. (I know I'm buying one.)

  138. Thumb 1471890420 artwork

    Starting Adwords from scratch - From $0 to $10K as fast as possible with Daryl Mander

    Want to start with AdWords but don't know where to begin? That makes two of us. To put it all in perspective, Daryl Mander, an online advertising consultant with 10 years experience running effective advertising campaigns specializing in PPC, Facebook, Retargeting and Display advertising for small ecommerce businesses joins us.

  139. Thumb 1471374473 artwork

    Optimizing for Retention & Repeat Purchases with Eric Davis

    Building a base of loyal and repeat customers is a top goal of many Shopify stores.

    Unfortunately, it's difficult to find what characteristics these valuable customers share so stores end up with weak, generic customer retention plans which lose them customers.

    Instead, by focusing on three key metrics for your repeat customers in your retention plan, you can keep those customers loyal and grow your store's revenue.

    Eric Davis joins us to walk through why what key metrics we should be checking, and why. He's suited to discuss it as his consultancy, Little Stream Software, helps ecommerce entrepreneurs customize their Shopify stores using public and private Shopify Apps.

  140. Thumb 1470858857 artwork

    Abandoned Carts with John Peder

    "As a store owner, you've probably heard the term before but you might not be sure what cart abandonment is. Simply put, not everyone who visits your store will become a customer. That's to be expected. However, for various reasons, some of your would-be customers will add products to their baskets and then fail to complete your checkout process."

  141. Thumb 1470677751 artwork

    Jobs to be Done: Kurt Buys Luggage with Eric White

    If there’s one recurring theme in The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, it’s that you have to talk to your customers. So today, we’re going to talk to a real-life Shopify customer about a purchase: me.

    In this episode, Eric White demonstrates how to conduct a customer interview… me about a recent purchase I made from a Shopify. He’s good at it too, he helps businesses use Jobs-to-Be-Done thinking to design, market, prototype and manage innovative products and services.

  142. Thumb 1470069172 artwork

    Predictive Marketing & Green Pants with Gautham Pandiyan

    Last year I kept hearing about data science. This year I'm hearing about predictive marketing. Joining us to explain it is Gautham Pandiyan. Gautham is the Director of Strategic Alliances at Windsor Circle, managing their partnership with Shopify, other eCommerce/Marketing vendors and Agencies "to drive stellar business outcomes." (That's a good line, I should steal it.)

  143. Thumb 1468944083 artwork

    Hiring Shopify Experts with Jonathan Kennedy

    Ever try to hire a contractor, freelancer, or even Shopify Expert only to have them disappear or stop returning your calls? You're not alone.

    After seeing firsthand the white spaces that Shopify's growth and simplicity create in the market, Jonathan Kennedy created a new Shopify experts category for small tasks based on some of the needs of an exploding user base. We discuss why it's so hard to hire, and what you can do about it.

  144. Thumb 1468615626 artwork

    Facebook Funnels & Growth Hacking with Kenn Costales

    In the past we've talked about the importance of research, sales funnels, and Facebook ads. But how do we tie those concepts together? Kenn Costales from GrowthHackerKit thinks he can.

    Kenn is the founder of Monolith Growth Consulting & He helps consumer eCommerce brands get more conversions. Unlike others, he’s focused on testing full Facebook funnels & building 90 day rolling plans instead of changing ad copy and button colors.

  145. Thumb 1467056525 artwork
  146. Thumb 1467226579 artwork

    Designing Products & 3D Printing with Dorian Ferrari

    What's the best product to sell? Your own! Most people have likely had an idea for a product they'd like to make, but that's all they have: an idea. We don't know what to do next. In today's episode, I talk to product designer Dorian Ferrari about what exact steps to take to go from idea to reality, how much it'll cost, and what pitfalls to watch out for. Dorian Ferrari helps inventors and small businesses take their concepts to prototype or production ready 3D models. With 20 years of experience, his clients come from all over the consumer product spectrum from toys to phones.

  147. Thumb 1467140156 artwork
  148. Thumb 1465839675 artwork

    Market Research Made Easy with Joe from BluShark Straps

    Ever experience a crappy product and think, "I can do that better!"

    That's what happened to Joe Scarpati. When faced with a nylon watch strap that didn't meet his expectations, he decided to do something about it.

    But not before some research to ensure his success.

    Joe’s background is in market research, which he has leveraged to offer watch enthusiasts a better nylon watch strap through his company, BluShark.

  149. Thumb 1466448399 artwork

    Virtual Conferences & Growth Hacking with Zachary McClung

    What if you could throw a conference with one thousand people all interested in what you have to offer? And what if it only cost $3 per attendee?

    That's what Zachary McClung did with a virtual conference. (Having spoken at a few myself, I know firsthand just how powerful they can be.) With a relatively unknown brand, he was able to launch a virtual conference that earned him new customers, new connections, media coverage, and more. All with his brand at centerstage.

    And he's going to do us exactly how to do it.

  150. Thumb 1465579934 artwork

    Back to Basics: Ecommerce Fundamentals with Ross Allchorn

    When starting your Shopify business, you’ll discover there’s a lot more to consider besides what you’ll be selling. Ross Allchorn takes us back to basics with some advice for first-time storeowners.

  151. Thumb 1464972305 artwork

    Backyard Offices & Co-Working Spaces with Lee Tengum

    Technology has enabled us to easily work from anywhere, but should we? Lee Tengum, successful Canadian serial entrepreneur, joins us to discuss the simple question of where and how you much should you work.

  152. Thumb 1464373039 artwork

    Well-Endowed Men & Pitching Bloggers with Leo Tropeano

    Leo Tropeano was an accountant with a problem: He wanted better fitting jeans without having to sacrifice comfort.

    Most men would have accepted existing jeans on the market. Leo instead had his ideal jeans designed & manufactured. Not only did his friends notice, they wanted a pair too.

    In today’s episode, Leo tells us his advice for going from Kickstarter to Shopify, and exactly how he found and pitched big blogs on promoting his jeans.

  153. Thumb 1464035540 artwork
  154. Thumb 1463070283 artwork

    How to Dramatically Increase Email Click-through Rates With Data you Already Have

    Joining me today is Taylor Sicard. Taylor runs the growth and partnerships at, but I first met him years ago when was an early member of the Shopify Partners team building out their partner program, and spends his spare time running his Shopify stores.

    In doing that, he has so much institutional knowledge, that when I talked to him last week, I learned so much I knew we had to record a podcast. We discuss deliver the right email at the right time, showing your customers the right content, and utilizing the data collected to impact how you run your store.

  155. Thumb 1462377626 artwork

    The Future of eCommerce: How Shopify is Enabling Commerce Everywhere

    Levin Mejia, Shopify Designer Advocate, discusses the future of ecommerce and how Shopify is pushing the envelope forward. At Unite, we announced several new products and features designed to help us and our partner ecosystem build immersive multi-channel commerce solutions for the over 243,000 merchants using Shopify. While we were excited to share the news with you all, we’re even more excited to see what you’ll create.

  156. Thumb 1461611779 artwork

    How Andy Bedell Tripled Revenue With Facebook Video Ads

    Andy has been running PPC ads for a while, but struck gold about a year ago with Facebook video ads. After just 2 weeks of running video ads he was able to triple the revenue of a large Shopify store. Now he has set up thousands of ad campaigns, and he has discovered a formula for telling good stories that make great video ads. He is here today to share that formula so you can make profitable Facebook video ads for your Shopify store.

  157. Thumb 1461270411 artwork

    Jay Myers: What Successful Shopify Storeowners Know

    With 22 apps in the app store, and a staff of one hundred, Jay Myers and the Bold Apps team has learned a lot about ecommerce. In this episode, we learn what separates successful stores from the rest of the pack.

  158. Thumb 1459529689 artwork

    CMS Made Simple: How to Work Around Shopify's Limitations

    Ever find yourself editing a product in your store and wishing you had more options that just title and description?

    Our guest John Carbone did.

    John is a senior Drupal developer, who loved Shopify's ecommerce abilities, but missed the extensibililty provided by Drupal. After first developing a solution to merge the two platforms together, he developed a clean way to add custom fields to Shopify's product pages.

    If you've ever wished you could easily add different specifications to various products, then this episode is for you.

  159. Thumb 1459275097 artwork

    Outsource Your Back Office: Dan Arriola on Logistics & Fulfillment

    Sick of picking & packing orders yourself? How about warehousing? You've probably considered outsourcing fulfillment (or you will) but don't know where to begin. That's how I felt! So we brought in Dan Arriola, CEO of iD Commerce + Logistics, is an expert on scaling e-commerce businesses. Having partnered with both startups and Fortune 500 online retailers alike to streamline their fulfillment operations, Dan walks us through everything you wanted to know about fulfillment.

    Bonus: iD Commerce and Logistics is giving away 3 months of free fulfillment services to 3 podcast listeners!

  160. Thumb 1456256924 artwork

    John McIntyre: Automating Email Campaigns To Win Customers

    Email marketing can be HUGE for ecommerce stores and online retailers. Problem is, most companies do it wrong. Or they just don’t do it at all. Joining us unpack email marketing is John McIntyre. John McIntyre is the founder of ReEngager, a done-for-you ecommerce email marketing agency. ReEngager helps ecommerce companies increase total sales by 15-30% with email marketing.

  161. Thumb 1456257777 artwork

    Nate Murray: The Mindset to 42 Shopify Stores

    "We all have the currency of time that we can't get back, so where do we invest it?" asks Nate Murray, founder of Merchline. Started in 2001, Merchline now operates a whopping 42 Shopify storefronts. In this episode, learn the attitude and ethos that empowers that tremendous success.

  162. Thumb 1455740135 artwork

    Rand Fishkin on SEO for Ecommerce Websites

    One of the most misunderstood aspects of any online business is SEO. To clear it up, I talked business, philosophy, SEO, mustaches, and more with Rand Fishkin. Rand (AKA Wizard of Moz) is the founder and former CEO of, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, and co-founder of His advice for Shopify storeowners may surprise you.

  163. Thumb 1453828303 artwork

    You Need a Virtual Assistant

    Grow and scaling your business effectively is a must, but as you do that, the first limiting factor you'll reach is yourself. At some point, you'll discover you aren't superman, and you'll need to offload work to others. In this episode we talk to Gina Horkey who gives us an introductory overview of hiring and working with virtual assistants.

  164. Thumb 1453234905 artwork

    How Beardbrand Built a Better Business by Building Community

    We talk with Eric Bandholz of Beardbrand on how we went from community to business. Growing slowly and organically at first, and eventually blowing up into a bearded sensation that's sparked copycats and inspired thousands.

  165. Thumb 1452716520 artwork

    Revenue Hack: Upgrade Your Order Confirmation Emails

    For most stores, receipts are a missed marketing opportunity. We talk with Adii Pienaar (who previously co-founded WooThemes) and is currently working on Receiptful about what you should be doing with your receipts.

  166. Thumb 1452709842 artwork
  167. Thumb 1452710035 artwork

    Jake Starr: The Recycled Firefighter

    We talk with Jake Starr, a 12 yr veteran firefighter, who makes and sells wallets, belts, and bags out of decommissioned fire hose and U.S. Combat boot leather.

  168. Thumb 1452710791 artwork

    Stitch People: Building a Tribe

    "We don't know anything about marketing." That's what one entrepreneurial couple with a successful niche store and growing community of brand evangelists told me... and yet they're doing everything right.

  169. Thumb 1452024181 artwork

    Mo' Money, Mo' Problems with nickd

    Our topic today is money & happiness. A lot of entrepreneurs quit their jobs because they’re unhappy, but erroneously think that being rich will make them happy. Yet I’ve met plenty of rich and miserable people.

  170. Thumb 1450736669 artwork

    Drunk User Testing with Richard Littauer

    Richard is the brains and the stomach behind The User Is Drunk, a site set up a few months ago to help people learn just how their site looks to a drunk person. Richard and I talk a bit about his story and what you can do today to make your site just that much better for drunk — and, more importantly, sober — users.

  171. Thumb 1451508474 artwork
  172. Thumb 1450475625 artwork

    The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Hack: Dynamic Product Ads

    Our topic today is Facebook Ads which we’ve covered before, but specifically, we're excited about a new kind of ad: dynamic product ads! (Which are twice as exciting as they sound.) Guest: Zach Greenberger, Founder of adMixt and Flightplan

  173. Thumb 1450302242 artwork

    Customer Retention: How to Keep Customers Coming Back

    To build a sustainable ecommerce business, getting customers to buy should only be the start of a much longer relationship. Retaining customers (and turning them into brand evangelists) is the secret of revenue maximization that the big boys have known for years. Ross Beyeler of Growth Spark joins us today to discuss how to achieve prolonged success with your Shopify business.

  174. Thumb 1450300217 artwork

    Alex O'Byrne: 100 Orders on the First day

    Alex O'Byrne recently launched the new Negative Underwear website, which took an astonishing 100 orders on the first day alone, followed by 7000 unique visits in just 5 days. Alex pulls back the curtain and discusses the strategies necessary to achieve those results... and they're surprisingly grassroots.

  175. Thumb 1449272292 artwork

    Entrepreneur's Journey: How Diana House Started an Industry

    Being keen to identify niches – Diana House literally started an industry with her company selling mala beads and intentional accessories. Now with hundreds of competitors, Tiny Devotions founded in 2009 is still the innovative leader in the space. Hear our journey and the lessons she's learned along the way.

  176. Thumb 1448641893 artwork

    Masterminds: The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

    I owe much of my business success to my Mastermind group– I credit being in a mastermind with boosting my revenue 10x. So what is a Mastermind, how do they work, and why or how should you join one? To answer that question, Kai Davis and Jonathan Stark join Kurt to discuss their own mastermind experiences.

  177. Thumb 1447792396 artwork

    Small Business Accounting 101: Hiring a Bookkeeper

    The year is almost over, and that means one thing: time to get your books in order! With running a business, you already know you need to stay on top the accounting that goes along with running a store. Joining us in this episode is Donnie Cooper of LessAccounting, to discuss why and how to make bookkeeping nothing like going to the dentist.

  178. Thumb 1445806848 artwork

    Are Instagram ads the now best bang for your buck?

    Instagram ads are the newest PPC channel, and, as such, are crazy affordable. That’s good news for advertisers. Kit CEO Michael Perry joins us again to tell us how he cracked the code on Instagram. In this episode, we break down proven strategies that will help you take over all aspects of Instagram.

  179. Thumb 1445285947 artwork

    Make Stuff Happen: The Power of Side Projects

    What's wrong with a lifestyle business anyway? Shopify Designer Advocate Keir Whitaker talks to us about side projects, and why you shouldn't dismiss businesses that pay their way but aren't built to flip. (Oh! And check out Kurt's new website --> and while you're there, join the Insider's List, we've got some exciting things coming up you won't want to miss.)

  180. Thumb 1445282685 artwork

    Get Specific: The Power of Positioning

    Want to stop competing against Amazon and everyone else? Consultant Philip Morgan will teach us how to use hyper-specific positioning to make that happen. (Oh! And check out Kurt's new website --> and while you're there, join the Insider's List, we've got some exciting things coming up you won't want to miss.)

  181. Thumb 1445275650 artwork

    Get Real with Paul Jarvis: Being Authentic in Marketing

    Joining our episode is special guest Paul Jarvis, a self-described freelancer evangelist who teaches creatives & freelancers how to make their businesses work on their own terms. Defining success on his own terms has made him who he is, and that's what we're going to discuss: the importance of finding your authentic voice and using it in your business. (Oh! And check out Kurt's new website --> and while you're there, join the Insider's List, we've got some exciting things coming up you won't want to miss.)

  182. Thumb 1444761103 artwork
  183. Thumb 1444422609 artwork

    Actively Disqualify: When is Shopify the wrong choice?

    You know your market like the back of your hand. Now you need to make a decision about which platform and plugins to use. Is Shopify the right choice? Probably, but when isn't it? We ask the hard questions. PS: Ready to uncover hidden profits in your Shopify store? RSVP for my free Shopify webinar:

  184. Thumb 1444335914 artwork

    Gavin Ballard: Finding the Right Apps for Your Store

    If you've ever run a Shopify store you've almost certainly taken a stroll through the Shopify App Store and installed some of the Apps on offer. But what are Shopify Apps, really? And how can store owners make sure they pick reliable, well-developed Apps that provide a measurable return on investment?

  185. Thumb 1444581034 artwork

    Ready for Christmas? Holiday Ecommerce Tips & Tricks [BONUS]

    Bonus mini episode: With the holidays around the corner, let's talk about how we can make the most out of the holidays with the highest degree of success – and the lowest degree of stress. So tackling a full-site redesign in October is probably out of the question. While it might work, it’s too risky. Instead of gearing up for a huge project, let’s focus on some quick wins that you can implement to prep now to prep your store before Black Friday and the holidays.

  186. Thumb 1444335604 artwork

    Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Store Into a Money Machine with Subscriptions

    Want to build build predictable, recurring revenue into your online store? Learn how through subscription pricing models. In this episode, Bold Apps' Kevin Wild join us. He's an absolute evangelist for the subscription model, and with good reason. He's product manager of Bold Apps Recurring Orders app for Shopify.

  187. Thumb 1444001351 artwork

    3 Mindset Shifts to Double Your Business

    Learn the mindset shifts we uncovered at Double Your Freelancing Conference from our fellow speakers. You'll be inspired to take action, apply a new direction to your own businesses, and strive for productivity and focus. You know, all the things that make you more money.

  188. Thumb 1440795090 artwork
  189. Thumb 1439637959 artwork

    Social Media Strategy For Dummies

    Not sure what to do with social media? We talk with Social Media Manager Mojca Marš on how to tackle it.

  190. Thumb 1439637968 artwork
  191. Thumb 1438383516 artwork

    "How do I SEO my Shopify store?" For Dummies

    Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Shopify Retail tour. They'd invited me, along with a few other folks, to answer questions about Shopify and Ecommerce from existing and potential Shopify customers. From 10am until 4:30pm, I talked to a diverse and interesting lot of folks. But every single person asked me some variation of one universal question: "how do I SEO?"

  192. Thumb 1438383317 artwork

    I installed Google Analytics: Now what?

    Everyone has Google Analytics installed, but just what are you supposed to do with it anyway? Jevin Maltais of Quickjack Solutions and the Ecommerce Growth Weekly newsletter tells all the exciting things we can do with Google's free analytics tool.

  193. Thumb 1437603079 artwork

    Don't Break The Chain: A Guide to Customer Lifecycle Marketing

    What happens when a new visitor hits your website? They don't buy. And that's okay! We talk through the strategies and tactics involved in building trust with customers to turn them from anonymous strangers to brand evangelists.

  194. Thumb 1437171389 artwork
  195. Thumb 1436196176 artwork

    Step on The Gas: Jordan Gal on Building Successful Ecommerce Businesses

    Jordan Gal is the Co-Founder and CEO of CartHook, an effective abandoned cart recovery solution. Previously he was the Co-Founder of YCA Shops which operated a network of niche ecommerce stores. That company grew quickly and was acquired in mid-2009, so Jordan knows a thing or two about successful ecommerce. On top of that, he hosts the popular Bootstrapped Web Podcast.

  196. Thumb 1435863924 artwork

    Michael Perry: Digital Marketing Assistant

    Kurt talks with Michael Perry, CEO of Kit: a Digital Marketing Assistant for Small Business Owners. Michael just got back from the Shopify retail tour where he met hundreds of Shopify store owners, and presented to thousands of store owners on The Art of Facebook Ads.

  197. Thumb 1434403209 artwork

    Inbox Zero: A guide to email triage

    If you ever feared opening your email, then this episode is for you. Clocking in at 30 minutes and jam packed with golden nuggets of inbox triage wisdom for busy store owners and professionals.

  198. Thumb 1434144716 artwork

    Keith Perhac: Building Your Sales Funnel Pt.2

    Keith returns to talk shop and come up with high-level revenue growth strategies with Kurt. This one is like eavesdropping on two conversion optimization pro's talking shop.

  199. Thumb 1434040479 artwork

    Winning Product Photography with Adam Rasheed Pt.2

    Great photos can mean the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Commercial Photographer Adam Rasheed joins us to tell us how you can do that yourself (or hire a professional to tackle it.) [Part 2]

  200. Thumb 1433624956 artwork

    Winning Product Photography with Adam Rasheed Pt.1

    Great photos can mean the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Commercial Photographer Adam Rasheed joins us to tell us how you can do that yourself (or hire a professional to tackle it.)

  201. Thumb 1432818025 artwork

    Josh Highland: Shopify Empire

    Josh Highland Giese Better known as Josh Highland, owns and operates, a software and services company focused on the Shopify platform. has been a certified Shopify Expert since 2011 and has assisted hundreds of Shopify shop owners.

  202. Thumb 1432152204 artwork

    Keith Perhac: Building Your Sales Funnel Pt.1

    We covered the sales funnel (What is it and why do we care?) and how to optimize your sales funnel to get the most lifetime value out of your customers while providing the best experience.

  203. Thumb 1431007302 artwork

    Zach Weiss, worn&wound, Affordable Watch Strap King

    Zach is a lifelong watch collector and has the stash of scratched up Swatches to prove it. He holds a B.A. from Bard College in Studio Arts and a Masters of Design in Designed Objects from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a working product, graphic and packaging designer, he views watches as the perfect synergy of 2D and 3D design: the place where form, function, fashion and mechanical wonderment come together. He has even had some viral success with his own ORBO digital watch concept.

  204. Thumb 1429818676 artwork

    Google's Mobile Apocalypse & Jonathan Stark

    On April 22nd 2015, Google began actively ranking websites based on mobile-friendliness. To dig deep on what that means, and how Shopify store owners can take advantage of it, we reached out to Jonathan Stark, a mobile strategy consultant who helps consumer brands thrive in the post-PC era.

  205. Thumb 1423607027 artwork

    Following Your Passion & Making the Jump

    It all started with a simple idea – design fresh high-quality unique items. Just one month after Jeff had graduated college, married his high-school sweetheart, moved to Burlington, VT, and started a full-time design job, he found myself brainstorming about launching his own brand centered around a love for typography and minimal design: Ugmonk.

  206. Thumb 1422916720 artwork

    United Pixelworkers: A Post Mortem

    We talk with Nathan Peretic about the complete lifecycle of his beloved Shopify store– United PIxelworkers– and why he had to close it to grow his t-shirt business.

  207. Thumb 1422908899 artwork
  208. Thumb 1418069071 artwork

    Responsive is Everything: Straight Talking 2014 Ecommerce Holiday Data

    Every day we see analytics data from our client's stores, and most of the time we use it as a benchmark of our performance and move on. But sometimes, we look at all of that data as a big picture. This week, we looked at Google Analytics data about 41K visitors to our client's store during Black Friday weekend.

  209. Thumb 1417733834 artwork
  210. Thumb 1414510885 artwork
  211. Thumb 1413410781 artwork

    How One Man Quit His Job To Sell Wallets Featured in GQ

    Ever dream of quitting your 9-5 job to do your own thing? How about manufacturing your own product and selling it direct to consumer? That's what Kyle Bardouche did. But get this, he launched 7 different products in 3 months. That's

  212. Thumb 1412977879 artwork

    Essential E-commerce Processes For Growing Your Business

    Grant Merriel, has been an online strategist for over 600+ start-ups and established businesses. And he's obsessed with using processes to streamline his own businesses. We were lucky enough to talk with him (before he jetted off to the Phillipines after our call) about how Shopify store owners can use processes to save time and money in their own businesses.

  213. Thumb 1412630466 artwork
  214. Thumb 1412018971 artwork
  215. Thumb 1411162431 artwork

    Brutally Honest SEO Advice for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

    Kai Davis is a dynamite internet marketing professional. He’s really reinventing how his clients view SEO and creating an amazing suite offerings with which anyone can build an amazing organic stream for their website. We discuss the things a Shopify store owner must know to see the difference between a real SEO pro and a snake oil salesman.

  216. Thumb 1410541390 artwork
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